Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey Kip, Hope You Like the Showers! (Or The Worst Landlords In SF Go To Jail)

So, some people may remember but years ago there was this perfectly awful couple of landlords named Kip and Nicole Macy. They did some very naughty things. These included trying to unlawfully evict their tenants, cutting out the floor supports of the tenants who opposed their unlawful evictions, and faking threats against their own attorney.

When they were finally caught, they plead innocent. When the day of trial came, they didn't show up. Why? Because they jumped bail and went on the lamb. Now the District Attorney at that time almost caught them. But guess what? They didn't feel it was important enough to spend the money to extradite criminals who preyed on tenants. So Kip and Nicole got to live in the lamb for 3 more years.  At last report, they were living in Italy (life is rough out there).

For whatever reason, I'm guessing they ran out of money, they returned this week to San Francisco. They were arragined and have plead guilty. Apparently the sentencing hearing will be in August.

Now here is the best part. The sentence they negotiated is for 4 years each. The plea offer before they jumped bail? A year. To make matters worse, or better from my perspective, is that they now have 3 strikes against each of them. Meaning if they screw up again, they go away for a long, long time.

4 years each is a start. Hopefully Kip will continue to display the arrogance he has had (which I am pretty sure has included leaving a few comments under an alias back in the way) and either someone in prison makes him pay for that or he gets a 3rd strike after his release.

Either way, if I knew how, I would be taking up the collection for a soap fund for Kip Macy and his wife.

Hey Kip, enjoy your new home!

Names, Euphemisms, and Other Nonesense of Mine

Sometimes, I know I sound like a raving lunatic, or a mad dog barking at the fog. But I am getting tired of things getting cosmetic name changes because some idiot thinks its going to improve things.

So yes, I still direct people to Army Street (even though the signs say Cesar Chavez). I take cases from the Volunteer Legal Services Project of the San Francisco Bar (even though they now choose to call themselves the "Justice and Diversity Center").

And I am an citizen of the United States, not a person of the United States, thank you very much Mr. President. I get the feeling you'd like to substitute another word for person, but your advisors have managed to keep you from doing that.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Making It Easier For Illegal Aliens To Vote

Is there really any other way to say this? It looks like the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento is dead set on allowing illegal aliens to vote in California elections.

I am stunned that this looks like it is going to be actually voted on. AB 131 is on its way to the State Senate. Apparently, the Democrats in Sacramento have a bill before the Legislature, authored by Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara), which allow people to register to vote without having to list where they were born. As it stands right now, county registrars cannot accept a voter registration if all the boxes are not filled in. Under this proposed law, the registrars/clerks would be allowed to accept voter forms that are missing this one piece of information.

Now who would want to avoid putting their place of birth down on a form to vote?

The argument is, that there is no threat that illegal aliens will get to vote in elections. The reason why? Because you have to sign your information, including a promise that you are in fact a US citizen. For someone who is already breaking the law by illegally being here in the country, is that really going to be a big deal to lie on this form as well?

Now, do you need an ID to register to vote? Well, according to my county (San Francisco), you do not. They ask for a CA Driver's license or the last 4 digits of a Social Security Number. However, if you have neither, they will assign you a unique identification number. Then, Department of Elections is supposed to vette the filing. How are they going to do that with no ID number that attaches to anything except the application and without a place of birth?

I would submit, the Democrats in Sacramento do not want them to do an actual verification.

I'm just at a loss for words at how stupid we are a state to place our future in the hands of a supermajority from either party. This is what happens.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Opening Day.....

Well that sucked. But then I remember, we dropped how many to start the season last year? Let's get them tomorrow.

Can't let the Dodgers have all the fun.

 Go Giants!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The International Law Case For Israel

Not that it will matter to the true believer progressive types who want to cast the Arabs as victims, heroically opposing Israel's aggression. Still, its a very good, concise explanation of why Israel is just as legitimate as any other state under international law.