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Its Finals Madness with Dancing With The Stars

So we are down to the final three. I called two of them (Evan and Nicole). Erin surprised me. And quite frankly, I'm still not sold on her. The judges love her.. but ultimately its the fans who make the decision.

Now its the first night of finals.

Erin and Maksim lead off the night with their samba. And they are getting help from an orange Bruno. They are getting help from a guy who didn't notice that they turned him into a walking, talking rally pumpkin. And they are mucking about to start off the dance. Not filling me with confidence about this routine. Although Erin says that she wants to go for it with this routine, its kind of a safe dance with some comedy thrown in. And now we have their hairography at the end. Was this better than the last samba from Erin? Yes. But was it a finals level quality samba? Not really, despite the fact that Bruno has the gay man's crush on a leggy blonde! What is up with the scores? 10s from Carrie Ann and Len and a 9 from Bruno? Angrybabybelle cries foul. Of course, the scores in the finals are always inflated.

Evan and Anna drew the second slot. And Len showed up to coach them a bit on the Viennese Waltz. At least he doesn't look orange. This is a good version of the Piano Man that they have. This dance looks a lot better than the first time they did it. They are right on each other like they should be. The problem is that every so often, the hands are whipping around so fast that they threaten to kill one or both of them. The connection though is still not there, but he did improve on making it look less like ballet. Mrs. Angrybell disagrees and things he still looks like a ballet dancer. The judges disagree with the Angrybell family, but Angrybabybelle did enjoy the dance. The judges surprisingly went 28.

Nicole and Derek are in clean up slot tonight. Their redemption dance is the rumba. Carrie Ann dropped by and said a few platitudes. Mrs. Anrgybell wants to know what the costume is, if its just something out of Victoria's Secret with a wrap. The standing split from Nicole got a wow from Mrs. Angrybell. The end move was impressive. Mrs. Angrybell could only say"Core strength... abs of steel." It was improved. I wasn't wild about it but I thought it was done really well. Carrie Ann is nuts with this lift. Derek was right. Once again, I'm with Len on this. Some nice subtle shadings, but some things about it... Argh, can't explain it. And of course, Bruno gushing over the woman. A 28.

Whats going on with this competition. After a round, Erin is in the lead. Whats up with that?

Erin and Maks doing the freestyle to Heart's song. Mrs. Angrybell is laying odds that Maks is going to be shirtless before this is over. Erin is more manly than Maks? What is up with this winging her around in cirlces on to the bed? This bed thing is .. not working. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she is not fluid and sexy. And then towards the end there was a problem with the lift and Maks almost lost her. I just thought it was.. silly. I understand the song, How Do I Get You Alone, but it was.. bleh. Len liked but didn't love it. Bruno called part of it incredible? Whatever. I liked Carrie Ann's comment of "Maks, its not your strength to make your partner look good." The 26 was fair I suppose. But it just did not look polished.

Evan and Anna followed that up with their free style. Watching the practice portion, I want to take Evan and smack him upside the head. He is not the pro. Anna is. Let her do what she does best. She has so far guided him to the finals and at the last minute, he wants to be the honcho for it? Give me a break. Anna, on the other hand needed to be more confident about everything. And they got Footloose. They are hewing a little too close to the movie with their routine. Some of the lifts are impressive, but then there are times when they seems to be looking at each other questioning whether they were in sync and what was going to happen next. Mrs. Angrybell said "It was alright. Didn't not my socks off." Angrybabybell agreed with Carrie Ann. As Mrs. Angrybell says, choreograph is not Anna's strong point. Basically, I think this was Anna doing the same thing wrong that Tony did Stacy Keibler. The final score of 24 was right. Too bad they inflated Erin and Maks score.

Derek and Nicole finished off the night with their freestyle. They lucked out with their son, Little Less Conversation. They were doing so well, then at the end, then it all fell apart with the costume shift. Frankly, I'm disappointed in the choreography. It was clean, but it was conservative. That lift at the end was a mess. The nice thing, they showed a bit of each of the dances that they did through the season. The problem was, it did not tell a story at all. It was just like it was a showcase of steps. They got 9's for a 27.

So where does this leave everything? Evan and Anna dropped the ball big time tonight. They had a chance to threaten Nicole and they blew it. Are Erin and Maks good enough to be in the final two? If you ask me, the answer is no. The freestyle was a mess of Maks tossing Erin about onto a bed.

Looking at consistency, you vote Nicole and Evan, with Nicole coming out ahead. Sorry Erin, I know you have a fan base, but at some point, you have to look at the whole season and your season was not good enough to be in the final two.

The winner of the season should be Nicole. She and Derek have week in, week out shown they are the class of this competition. Evan only gets to second if people remember he was consistently better than Erin. Erin... you got hosed by having Maksim as your partner. Put you with Derek, Jonothan, or Tony, and its likely that you end up in the final two.

Don't let me down America. Let's reward the right people. Nicole should get your votes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Show Their True Colors

Before you watch the video, there are a few things that need to be explained. The speaker is David Horowitz. Mr. Horowitz is conservative advocate who runs the David Horwitz Freedom Center, is the editor of FrontPage Magazine, writes for NewsMax, and founded Students for Academic Freedom. Basically, this guy is very, very conservative. He is also very, very pro-Israel.

The girl who is talking to him identifies herself as Jumanah Imad Albahri. She is a member of the Muslim Student Association at UC San Diego. This year, they are putting on what they call "Apartheid Week." She wears a hijab and a keffeyih. Originally, the keffiyeh was simply something worn by the Bedouin. However, Yasser Arafat popularized it. In the last few weeks, it has become something of a fashion item, like the red ribbons for AIDS research and memorial. Except, people who wear this fashion accessory are supporting terrorist organizations. By wearing it, she proclaims that she supports Arab terrorism.

In his speech, Mr. Horowitz apparently referred to Apartheid Week as Hitler Youth Week. Basically its a week glorifying Arab terrorists and defaming Israel (or as they like to say "educating people about an Israel's policy of apartheid".).

After Mr. Horowitz, the following is the exchange that took place between Mr. Horowitz and Ms. Albahri.

Seems pretty clear what was said. Ms. Albahri came out in favor of genocide.

Now, what has Ms. Albahri had to say for herself. I'll let you read it for yourself. It can be foundhere. Essentially, its the Big Lie theory. She claims that she didn't hear the question. Look at the video and see what you think. She had a chance to speak for herself. It was only a week later that she was able to come up with the story that she spins on her blog page. She claims, that even though she is the communication director for the group, that she does not speak for them. She had a chance to explain herself. She had a chance to give a nuanced answer. She chose to give the answer she did. She chose to align herself with those who would use violence and terror as the primary means of achieving their goals.

What is astounding is what has happened next. First, UCSD has issued a statement defending her. When asked by the Los Angeles Times whether they were going to censure her at all, the response from the University was that she had done nothing wrong and that it was all part of open discourse and freedom of ideas.

So the University which came down with the wrath of the righteous when a group of students organized the "Compton Cookout". The purpose of the "Compton Cookout" was to make fun of Black History Month. Puerile. A bit racist. But not urging that anyone be killed. The University condemned the students. The Chancellor issued a statement.

The silence from the University of California San Diego is deafening and disgusting. By refusing to condemn these statements, UCSD and its Chancellor, Mary-Anne Fox, are condoning. When you talk about supporting genocide, about support for terrorism, there is no middle ground. There can be disagreement over whether Israel or the Arabs are right. But to voice support for terrorist organizations is to support them. To remain silent is to give them the comfort of knowing that another will not oppose them.

So nice to know that UCSD is open to anti-semitism but not racism. It seems that in the 21st Century, its still fashionable to blame the Jews.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wow... Muni ... I ... Are You For Real?

Pair of articles in the last few days really cause me to question the sanity of the Muni operators and management.

First up was the announcement of the audit of Muni. Guess what the auditors found? Well, here's a hint, its not that Muni is a well run organization. What they found is that Muni is rife with incentives to be inefficient. The contract with the union, the report found, incentives usage of overtime by management and absenteeism among the rank and file. Why?

Because the contract is bad. It enriches the drivers and other Muni employees while it shortchanges the people who are supposed to benefit from Muni, namely the riders. Essentially, the contract ensures that management has to use overtime, because it is not allowed to use part-time drivers. Part-time drivers are needdedso that Muni can meet the demand of the rush hour commuter traffic in the mornings and afternoon. However, because of the way we as San Franciscans have foolishly allowed to be enshrined in contract and charter, Muni management cannot use part-time drivers. So the choice becomes pay someone a full day to work just a few hours or pay a few hours of over time. Either way, its costing us money.

But according to the Muni operators union, this is all fine and dandy. Of course, faced with numbers and auditors, they wisely have shut the hell up and not commented on this story. Then again, at least seven members of the union do nothing at Muni except work on union issues... at city expense. That means you and I are paying for someone to work for Muni, but really to work on union organizing issues and not transportation issues.


What's the union's response? At a recent rally by drivers, one was quoted as saying "Operators have given and given and given and given, were can't give no more[.]"

I like the union's version of giving. Its Orwellian in a way. Give... apparently to them.... means "get ever increasing salaries in return for less time work". And apparently to them, this is a problem.

But wait, there's more in the report. Apparently there are six divisions of Muni where more drivers spend their work hours on stand-by than actually driving. This is actually worse than the ones Muni pays to work solely on union issues. Essentially, Muni pays a lot of drivers to do...nothing! Remember, if you are in a division, you can't be asked, as an operator, work in another division without automatically triggering an overtime provision for the transferred shift.

So what is the cause of this? Part of the problem lies squarely at the feet of the TWU, the operators union. They've clearly gotten greedy. But apparently, since this is San Francisco, and the TWU is a union and not bankers or mortgage lenders, we're not allowed to say that. Apparently, by virtue of being in a union member, you get some sort of pass.

However, there is another component to the problem: Muni's management. This includes the appointees who sit on the MTA board here in San Francisco. They are not getting the job done. If they were, they would have recognized this problem a few years ago. If they were interested in doing their job, rather than just collecting their salaries, maybe one or two of them would have tried to get an amendement to the City's charter which imposes at least part of this insane system on the City. Maybe one of them would have resigned over it.

But I have not seen any of that so far. In fact, the most that can be said for anyone in the MTA or the City government is that there are some supervisors who are trying to do something about this.

The flip side of that is that they're doing it for selfish ends. With the release of the report, some of the Supervisors started talking about trying to strip away power from the Mayor's office to make the appointments to the MTA board. Essentially, using this situation to start another power struggle between the Mayor and Board of Supes.

Great job guys. How about someone focuses on solving the problem? Can we do the petty infighting later? Like after people have a reliable, efficient (or at least somewhat efficient) public transit system in place?

I know, I ask too much.

So that brings me to the second bit of insanity. As we know, Muni's basic problem is that it is hemorrhaging money. Part of that problem is that Muni does not do enough to make sure that it collects a fare from each person who rides.

Its simple: if you ride Muni, you are supposed to pay for the ride. If we lived in a communist society, this would be different. But the custom and practice in this country is that if you use a service, then you have to pay for it.

Unfortunately, some people do not get this. They seem to believe that only certain people should have to pay.

Well, Muni had adopted a policy of putting inspectors out, reinforced by police officers, to make sure that everyone had proof of payment. Not a big thing. Either you have your Muni pass or you make sure you get your transfer when you pay cash.

Apparently, its just too hard for some people to do this. Apparently, asking everyone on a trolley car or a bus is too "rascist" and "classist".

And those people have complained to the MTA Board about it. So what did the wise management of Muni decide to do? They have curtailed the program!!!!!

Because of course. When you need money to operate, you of course end the program that has been successful in making sure that people pay for the service which you provide.

People, they were not asking for green cards. They were asking for proof of payment! If you can't afford to ride Muni, you shouldn't be riding. It is stealing.

But apparently, its politically incorrect to suggest such things. Its apparently right to expect that only certain people obey the law. That people who immigrants (legal or illegal) or poor, should get a free pass.

Really? For real? Because my wife and I budget each month to buy our fast passes we should be subsidize people who are too lazy to pay their fares?

Muni and MTA Board need to get their heads checked. Either everyone pays or no one pays. Its simple. Its fair. Anything else is just an excuse to not do your job.

And to those who have hectored and intimidated Muni into doing the wrong thing: Shame on you. You are not helping the problem. You are part of the problem. Cloak yourselves all you want in the mantle of being socially progressive, fighting the good fight and all that crap. At the end of the day, you are creating another excuse for the system to fail.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Down to the Wire in My Madness (Dancing With the Stars)

So I am a little dissappointed. America sent home Pam early. But, life goes on. Its not like some of the other bone headed decisions that American voters have made (Sabrina, sigh).

What is Brooke Burke wearing? Mrs. Angrybell thinks its a jazzercise outfit so she can take a class with Jane Fonda. I think it looks like something that Devo rejected. Oh how the mighty fall.

Chad and Cheryl drew the lead off slot tonight. Their first dance this week was the tango. I am not a fan of Chery's dress. Mrs. Angrybell says its vampire sexy. His frame is ok, but he is not making the slows slow and the quicks quicks. Its like he is dancing the tango at one speed, and that is not the way it is supposed to look. The spins at the top of the dance area looked a little awkward. This was not his best dance. Its like he threw away the good from last week. Of course, I expect the judges to disagree with me. Sevens across the board.

Niecy and Louis is in the second slot tonight. And for her, the slot should be labeled "death ground" because she is probably in the biggest jeopardy of those remaining. Tonight, their first dance is the Viennese Waltz. Starts of strong, but then the arm movements seem very forced and not fluid. But when she is back in hold, it comes back together again. I like how she is right on his hip where she should be. Overall, a nice dance. Better than what we saw in quality (even tho its a different dance) from Chad. I never thought Louis was that strong, but he must have some arms having to drag her over the floor. Bruno was dead on about the swarm of wasps arm movement. Carrie Ann has a point for once about the rocky transitions. Should be 8s. But there goes Carrie Ann hosing her. Instead its two 8s and a 7. Bad Carrie Ann. Bad!

Erin and Maks come up next with the Argentine tango. For once she looks like she is getting into the sprit of the dance. They drew a good song and she has a good outfit. She nailed the jump. I have to say, I am impressed with her flexibility. Very nice routine. She hid her fear for that jump well. Looked like she was on with everything, but then with a strong lead, its easier for her to keep to the tango timing which was a problem for Chad. 29, with the 10 coming from Len. Usually Len and I see eye to eye. I thought that it was a good routine, but not perfect. But Len... I will defer to him.

Evan and Anna hope to recapture some of last week's perfect score mojo with their waltz. Evan's face when he learned there was no hip action was not faked at all. Interesting choice to start from the prone position. Mrs. Angrybell and I hate this song. There is some nice rise and fall, but when they are in the hold, they aren't always close enough together in the beginning. He has great posture. He is not nailing the heel leads every time, but there are some. Mrs. Angrybell liked it. I was so-so with it. 27. I would not have been so generous.

In the clean up spot, Derek and Nicole. Uh oh, Derek's hats have reappeared. He must be getting serious. Or silly. Or he's been talking to Neal Cafferty. Dancing the foxtrot. She looks so comfortable doing the open part of the routine. She is clearly the cream of this season. She is doing a great job on this foxtrot. Not quit ea pro, but give her time and she could be. If Len overlooks the prop and mucking about, it could be a perfect score for them. Len nailed them for the mucking about, so they fell just short of perfect with the 29.

Now its the latin round of dances. And apparently they have a theme for their latin dances.

Chad and Cheryl drew a 60s jive. Interesting outfits. Love the boots on Cheryl. Mrs. Angrybell calls her outfit "Big Bird's black street walking cousin." As for the dancing, this dance suits Chad better. He is not as bouncy as I'd like to see, but when they did the kicks and flicks they were precise and sharp. His posture is a little hunched over. It was, as Len says, high energy. Straight 8s.

Niecy and Louis drew a 90s themed paso doble. Nice how she starts it reaching for the mirror ball. She does not look as comfortable with this dance. Some of the movements are not as good, as flowy as they could be for this dance. There were some nice parts to it. After how the opening looked, I was a little surprised at how well some of the open parts went. Then there were some parts that just did not flow right. And you have to give a hand to Louis for that lean move at the end. A 20 was fair. It had problems.

Erin and Maks are doing an 80s themed rumba. She's got the flash dance top with rhinestones. This being the rumba, a lot of it has to go with the hip movement. The problem here is that the way they are doing the song, its a bit up tempo for a rumba. She is trying to get the hip action, but its not coming out as much as she needs it. Her arms look fine. The problem is the hips. Its just not there in this dance. What the hell is up with these scores? A 25? That dance had some serious flaws. And it got a 25? Are they trying to force her into the final?!?!?

Anna and Evan drew the futuristic cha cha cha. Their outfits shocked, stunned and amazed Mrs. Angrybell. I wish I could remember the voice that Evan is doing there. Again, the problem is that he has no hip action. This is a problem for him. This is hard routine to talk about because it is kind of odd given the constraints that they are working with. And I have to ask, why does everyone think that future automatically mean that everyone is becoming a robot? Talk to Joss Whedon and go space cowboy maybe. Anyways, Len has my problem with this routine. The one thing that is clear: Bruno does not know his science fiction.

Anna is clearly Leeloo from Fifth Element. Ok. Score is a 26. I guess. It was just,... confusing.

Nicole and Derek drew a 50s paso doble. The opening combination just wowed me. It was so sharp. She is having a little trouble with her skirt. The rockabilly surprisingly works well for this. The music in this case ruined the routine. A better song and it would have been perfect. As it was, I can't find anything wrong. Derek is a freaking genius. And Len is giving a standing ovation. Wow. A perfect 30.

Alright, to recap: Nicole is the class of this season. She should go through to the finals. Barring a brain freeze by Derek, she should be favored to win. As for who goes home... little tougher. Evan has chinks in his armor. He does not have any sort of latin flow to him. His hips are non-existent.

Chad and Niecy came in tonight a little shakey in my opinion. Chad was on the upswing. Niecy was hanging on. They basically traded scores. Then there is Erin.

If I had to say, it will probably be Niecy going home. I just think that Erin will have enough votes to go on, even if she does find herself in the bottom two again. Chad seems to have a fan base tha thas carried him through the mid part of the season where he was under performing. If he does not get it together next week, he might be the next to go.

Lets Just Shred The Constitution While We're At It, Shall We?

Because that seems to be what our esteemed attorney general, Eric Holder, wants to do.

Now, I know some of you out there may ask you pay attention to things like the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions. And, you may also know that nowhere in the Constitution does it expressly mandate that when a person is taken into custody by police officers or any other law enforcement personnel, or for that matter any agent of the government wants to put someone under arrest, that they must be read certain rights that everybody knows if they've watched more than one episode of Law and Order.

In case you didn't know, the warnings that a person is given when they are in the custodial interrogation are known as Miranda rights. the reason they're known as Miranda right is because they come from a case decided by the US Supreme Court called Miranda v. Arizona. Essentially what the court found in the Miranda case is that while the Constitution didn't specifically mandate that you be read your rights, that the Constitution required the rule to be made so that the rights enshrined in the Constitution were respected by the police. he also had the nice side effect of ending the argument, to an extent, of whether a person need to be coerced or on coerced confession and whether the confession was made with their rights being knowingly waived.

Strict textual interpreters of the Constitution have always hated this rule. They feel that it was the court creating new constitutional rights rather than just applying the ones that existed. Initially police departments around the country warned that it would mean the end of effective police work, that criminals would no longer confess their crimes during interrogations because they would all take advantage of their right to silence and the right to counsel once they've been reminded of this.

It's 40 years later, and the police are still locking up bad guys.

But in recent years, the Miranda warnings have come under attack. And oddly it hasn't been attacked from just one side of the aisle, it's been attacked from both Democrats and Republicans. The critics of the Miranda warnings fear that it prevents the United States from effectively compare getting terrorists. The reason for this is that the Supreme Court has ruled that once a person asks for a lawyer than the intent addition must cease until a lawyer arrives to counsel the suspect.

Part of the confusion over the use of Miranda warnings has to do with the Democratic Party's knee-jerk reaction to anything that George W. Bush might have favored. Brenda warnings are meant for people arrested in US territory. The territory of the United States is made up of the 50 United States from overseas possessions that we administer, such as the Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and various other United States installations. The Miranda warnings were never intended to be used on the battlefield. Yet somehow, we've managed to foul the whole rule up about where the U.S. Constitution applies and does not apply to the point where now we are trying to extend Miranda rights to enemy noncombatants captured in the course of military operations.

Never before in history the United States have we ever tried to apply our constitutional rights to foreigners captured on the battlefield and held as hors de combat. Yet for some reason, there elements of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party that wants to do just that.

Because of this insanity, Miranda warning is coming under attack when it's used with in the United States territories when the American citizen is captured performing acts of terrorism. Sen. McCain spoke out saying that when the suspect for the New York City Times Square bombing attempt was eventually captured that they should not eat read their Miranda warnings. Attorney General Holder, an appointee by President Obama, wants to do just that the next time there is a terrorist attack in the United States.

Atty. Gen. Holder wants to ask Congress to create an exception to Miranda rule. He argues that interrogators need greater flexibility when questioning a terrorism suspect. The exception that he is proposing, he claims, will be narrowly tailored to only include people being questioned for terrorism charges. The question then becomes, who decides what constitutes terrorist act?

You'd think that would be easy wouldn't you? There's only one problem, and that is the exception that is being proposed could be used against virtually any group which opposes the party, or the man, in power. Right now it seems all very simple. Terrorists are the ones that come out of the Middle East or Central Asia, usually Pakistan, and try and bomb us because we don't agree with their brand of Islam.

However, the current administration views a number of other groups as being potential threats, and specifically potential terrorist threats, to the United States in general. back in April of last year, the Department of Homeland Security released report stating that possible domestic terrorism groups included "groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,...".

Remember, a terrorist doesn't necessarily need to be the bomb planter or the one shooting up a hotel full of tourists. It can also be someone who donates money to a group recognized as a terrorist group. So someone brought up on terrorism charges could be a person who belongs to the younger a poor person, under a future Republican administration, who donates to Planned Parenthood.

If you want to trade your rights for security, and you'll have neither.

Too bad that neither of the parties in power seem to remember that this is a country in which people, citizens and noncitizens alike, are entitled to certain basic rights. Rather than dealing with the root of the problem effectively, they want to chase after the poll numbers and do things which degrade our civil rights. I had hoped that Atty. Gen. Holder with a better sense than to make such a proposition, but then I remembered this was a man put into office by Pres. Obama.and the one thing that Pres. Obama has demonstrated so far during his tenure of office is that he has little respect for those who do not agree with him or those who threaten his power base. Unfortunately, this ends up resulting in legislation that hurts all, instead of the people that the president is engaged in a grudge match with.

In its zeal to win, the Obama administration seeming to forget that it was put in power to help people. To protect the Constitution. Not to shred it.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Two Dance Madness on DWTS

Once again, DWTS staff love Brooke Burke in a way they never loved Samantha Harris. Did you see how short that dress was on her? And could you ever see Samantha Harris dressed like that? I didn't think so. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that her jewelry was created by the people who did Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Len. Wow. That... I'll call it green... is... well... wow.

Leading off this week is Erin and her partner Maks. Can Maks get it together or will he put his ego ahead of Erin's chances on this Quickstep? Apparently Maks wants to join Chippendales. Wow... mucking around with a costume change at the beginning. Fortunately, the song helps with that opening. Good song. She starts off in close, but then in the corner loses some of the contact at the wrong places and then doesn't get back in there again until halfway down the floor. She does not look comfortable with this dance at times, but the kicks and flicks in there were very nice. It was nice. Butit lacked a wow element to it. Angrybabybelle clapped for Erin when Len complimented her. Mrs. Angrybell liked it, agreeing that it was her best performance. I stand by my, lack of wow, and disagree with the three 9s.

Chad and Cheryl followed that up with a Viennese Waltz. It was nice to see Tony giving some coaching tips to someone who was going to listen to him. Must've felt nice for him. Chad's outfit is... almost as wow as Len's. Mrs. Angrybell calls a foul on Cheryl's outfit saying "I don't know what she has on, but its just not right." The spin was nice, but Chad lost transition at the end out of it. It seems like Chad is holding himself a little weird because of his height when in hold, which is not what he should be doing in this situation. There are some nice elements to this, but I think I don't like ti because the song was so awful. Who is this guy claiming to be Len? Where is my crotchety Englishman? The 25 was ok as a score. No claps from Angrybabybelle tho... nor her dad.

Nicole Sherzinger and Derek Hough are looking for a little redemption with Len in their waltz. I hate this song. I know its special to her, but good grief, really? You light up my life? The frame looks good. She is doing a nice rise and fall and throws in a a kick there. She is a little to her toes at points, which keeps it from being just nice rise and fall all the time. Very nice. Carrie Ann is wrong when she says that Nicole is the best dancer they've had on this show. Mrs. Angrybell points out that Mya was just as good. I would throw in Stacy Keibler. The nines were right, but they get cheapened because Erin's dance was not as good.

Pamela and that guy (Damian?) danced waltz also. This is going to be hard to follow up. Her frame is a little week and her head is a little off in position. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she looks depressed. The rise and fall is there, but she is a little too much depending on her toes for the movement sometimes. Its a heel and toe movement that does it. Watch out lift police, she couldn't keep her foot on the floor through the spin. Len agrees with me on the frame.. although his version will get him hit with sexual harassment charges. Carrie Ann missed the chance to throw down a lift police flag. The eights were dead on, given the standard set for judging tonight.

Niecy and Louis are hoping to get out of the bottom two with their quickstep. Nice to see she is positive. The outfit hides her footw rok in open nicely, but who knows, it might have been right. Once in hold, she is not always right on the hip, but staying pretty close there. I just realized what song this, and realized that singer and band is butchering it. The kicks were done, but they were not particularly sharp nor were they as precise as when Maks and Erin did it. Mrs. Angrybell sums it up with "It was ok.. it didn't knock me out."What dance was Carrie Ann watching? And has Len drunk the kool aid? 25? A 9 from Carrie Ann? That was wrong. They're trying to make it closer than it is.

Evan and Ann are out to do a "proper Argentine tango". Mrs. Angrybell thinks he looks very James Bond like this. So far everything is nice and crisp. And I like how the slows in the steps are slow. That lift.. .wow! That was a hot, steamy tango. Mrs. Angrybell. And the judges rightly rewarded it with first perfect score of the competition.

Now, with the individual dances done, its time for the team dances. Team Lady Gaga v. Team Madonna. Has someone been watching too much Glee on DWTS production staff?

Up first is Team Gaga (Nicole, Pam, and Chad with their partners). In the opening part, Chad is the weak link, seeming a little uncomfortable. Pam and Damian's routine is good but she loses herself sometimes and then gets off which ruins a nice little bit at points. Fortunately, she is game and gets back into it. Chad and Cheryl follow it up and and he seems determined to make up for any hesitancy of earlier. The problem is that CHeryl has him doing little. Lack of content as Len would say. Nicole and Derek come out and do what they do, which is dance well. But even they are not flawless. I think all the amateurs are having trouble transitions form the smooth dances to this Latin dance. Now in the group dance portion, they are much more in sync. Chad and Cheryl are too far from the rest of dancers, but other all an improvement over the beginning of the group routine. 9s? Really? It was good, maybe 8s. but 9? The judges have spoken and awarded them 27.

Last licks go to Team Madonna (Niecey, Evan and Erin with their partners). Erin almost has her Maks' impression down. The group openign was better coordinated than Team Gag's. I also like how they transitioned to the individual dances. Evan needs to work on his hip movement, its not very fluid and looks forced. But thats about the worst that can be said for their routine. Niecey and Louis followed it up with a ... boring routine for a cha cha cha. Although the split was surprise from her. And then they had some problems with the turns. Erin and Maks were the clean up crew. Sort of an eh routine. It fel more like he was trying get Erin to pose. Now back into the final group portion of the dance, they wanted to go for just a big together thing. It was much more in sync than Team Gaga but not as much content. And I can tell you who choreographed the end: Maks. But where were the cones for the bras? The 8s were fine. The dances were not as good as Team Gaga.

Who should go? I'm sorry Niecy but its time to go home. Final three prediction? Unchanged with Nicole, Evan, and Pam. I know American will probably screw that up and send home Pam, but really, Niecy and Erin are the weak links left here.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dear Mr. Polanski

I'm sorry that you are a vile d-bag.

I respect the fact that you have been a gifted director who has produced some of the cinema's finest films. Chinatown, one of the all time great creations to ever grace the silver screen.

I'm sorry that you suffered the tragedy of what happened to your wife. It was a terrible thing that no one should have to go through.

However, that did not give you the right to get a thirteen year-old girl drunk. It did not give you the right to slip her a Quaalude. It most certainly did not give you the right to have sex with her. I'm sorry, that should read "It most certainly did not give you the right to rape and sodomize her."

Because that is what you did.

To cry now about the persecution is perverse and sick. What you did is no different from what any other sick pervert with a drug and an unwary target. The fact that any judge was willing to entertain that you should not serve any jail time at all would have been perverse in the extreme.

You have hidden behind your money and your passport. You have been feted as a wronged man, when you know that you are in fact, at least in that case, the predator.

To now cry that it is unfair for the U.S., and in particular the County of Los Angeles is seeking your extradition on your crimes is ridiculous. To say that, because the judge changed his mind and decided to sentence you for your crime harsher than you (or others) think you should have been penalized is absurd. It shows that you are a man of no character. You chose to drug and rape that young girl. You had the choice. If you were a man, you would accept the consequences of your action.

But I guess its easy to be complain about your lot in life when your jail cell is a Swiss chalet. So like I said, I'm sorry you are a vile, disgusting d-bag.