Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey Kip, Hope You Like the Showers! (Or The Worst Landlords In SF Go To Jail)

So, some people may remember but years ago there was this perfectly awful couple of landlords named Kip and Nicole Macy. They did some very naughty things. These included trying to unlawfully evict their tenants, cutting out the floor supports of the tenants who opposed their unlawful evictions, and faking threats against their own attorney.

When they were finally caught, they plead innocent. When the day of trial came, they didn't show up. Why? Because they jumped bail and went on the lamb. Now the District Attorney at that time almost caught them. But guess what? They didn't feel it was important enough to spend the money to extradite criminals who preyed on tenants. So Kip and Nicole got to live in the lamb for 3 more years.  At last report, they were living in Italy (life is rough out there).

For whatever reason, I'm guessing they ran out of money, they returned this week to San Francisco. They were arragined and have plead guilty. Apparently the sentencing hearing will be in August.

Now here is the best part. The sentence they negotiated is for 4 years each. The plea offer before they jumped bail? A year. To make matters worse, or better from my perspective, is that they now have 3 strikes against each of them. Meaning if they screw up again, they go away for a long, long time.

4 years each is a start. Hopefully Kip will continue to display the arrogance he has had (which I am pretty sure has included leaving a few comments under an alias back in the way) and either someone in prison makes him pay for that or he gets a 3rd strike after his release.

Either way, if I knew how, I would be taking up the collection for a soap fund for Kip Macy and his wife.

Hey Kip, enjoy your new home!


Anonymous said...

Happened to come upon this blog and, not to nitpick, but if my impression is correct that this is actually an attorney writing, shouldn't s/he at the very least know that the past tense of "plead" is "pleaded" or "pled"?


If not the difference between "lam" and "lamb"?


AngryBell said...

And I am sure you have never, ever had a typo in your life.