Thursday, June 15, 2006

You Think This Guy Is Going to Have Issues Later?

I really feel bad for this guy. He's had to go through a divorce and his mother's remarriage. Now he has to go through the ordeal of everybody talking about in court. And not just about where he will live or where he will go to school or the othe squabbles that divorced parents seem to engage.

Nope. He has to have everyone talking about his genitalia. His penis to be exact.

Apparently, his mother wants to have the boy circumcised. Not for a religious reason, although she did remarry to a Jewish man. She is claiming that the boy has suffered from series of infections because of the foreskin. The father is insisting that the boy has never suffered any problems and that the mother is doing it to butcher her son. There is an allegation by the mother that the biological father told her he did not want his son circumcised because his son is not a Jew.

There are two sides, of course, to the cirucumcision debate. A brief overview of them are found here and here. The American Association of Pediatrics Position is found here.

All this has resulted in a injuction hearing that will be heard by a Cook County, Illinois, judge sometime soon. Either way, this kid's life on the playground is not going to be fun this summer.

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