Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just When You Thought You Could Stop Mocking Him

Roy Pearson, Jr., steps back up to the plate to give lawyers more bad press. That's right, it appears as though he is appealing the decision.

Apparently, the soon to be former Administrative Law Judge in Washington D.C. has decided to appeal the decision in his case against the dry cleaners. This case, you might recall, began when the dry cleaners may or may not have shrunk his pants. An error so grievous that Pearson demanded $54 million (after dropping down from $67.3 million).

At trial, which was... interesting, he represented himself (see the live blog here in Washington Post's archives). And lost. Apparently, he is repeating the same strategy on appeal.

Now I could understand filing the appeal if there was as question of his having to pay the other side's legal fees and costs. Apparently, that is not the issue. The defendants in the case have already offered to not seek costs which they could have under the law in the hopes it would buy themselves some peace.

Ahh, thanks Mr. Pearson for being the one man campaign for litigation reform. In a few years, after they change the consumer protection laws again to favor businesses, you still won't have your pants, but many others will not have the protections and opportunities to be heard that they should have had.

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