Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If This Ad Is Accurate..

Then I cannot in good conscience vote for this man.

This man wants to run the most powerful nation on the planet. And he wants to do it by gutting defense, placing idealism over practicality and morality, and ignoring the state of the world.

Do I want a better president in office than the one I have right now? Of course I do. But do I want one who will gut our ability to directly influence hostile situations around the world and at home? Do I want one who has decided that the U.S.'s best interest is to cut and run from a war? Do I want one, who the more I listen to his foreign policy talks, sounds more and more like Jimmy Carter?

I have theory about peacemakers. Peacemakers can only make a "good peace" because they have the credibility to make the peace. That credibility does not come from simply opposing the horrors of war, the military industrial complex, and the Republican Party. Who fashioned the peace? Wilson or FDR? Begin or Peres?

How successful was this tact for Carter during the period of 1976 to 1980. Yes he cancelled a slew of programs. He failed to do what was necessary to rebuild the post-Vietnam U.S. military, leaving it incapable exerting power effectively when we needed it.

Grrrrr. What is it with the Democratic party? Are they trying to force me to vote for a Republican? They figured that Kerry was not wishwashy enough on the war so they decided to throw up Surrender-crat?

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