Thursday, December 18, 2008


Imagine the following:

A person goes out driving with a blood alcohol content that is approximately three times the legal limit. The person while driving manages to get into a car crash with a large truck. As a result of said accident, the passenger in the car, the boy-friend of the driver in fact, dies in the crash. The driver is then arrested, prosecuted for DUI and manslaughter, convicted and sentenced to 4 months incarceration with an additional 8 years of probation.

Having heard all that, what do you think the next action the driver would take?

If you said, sue the driver of the truck which they hit, you'd be right.

Apparently Elizabeth Shelton was driving drunk on October 23, 2007. In her lawsuit, filed in October of this year, she claims that the driver of the truck she hit was driving recklessly and that he was the reason that for the accident which resulted in the death of her boyfriend, Matthew McNiece.

Talk about Chutzpah.

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