Friday, June 26, 2009

So I'm just thinking

This is just a little rant. I'm tired. I've had a long week. And then when I look at the news, it just angers me. I'm not sure who is right. Not sure who is wrong. All I know is, that some of the numbers people are throwing around sound more than a little scary. Even more so when some of the more impartial outfits are saying that they haven't had time to vette everything properly. (For instance, this cap and trade bill that is before Congress right now).

To me, this almost sounds like the Obama stimulus package earlier this year. Or TARP last year. Or USA PATRIOT ACT II (although they did know about that one for a while). Or USA PATRIOT ACT (which very few of our elected officials read, or debated).

It almost sounds like you could boil down the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans like this: The Democrats want to destroy the economy; The Republicans want to destroy your individual rights.

Yeah, a little simplistic. I know that the Democrats don't really want to destroy the economy. However, I'm still not convinced that TARP and the stimulus package was correct. I know that the Republicans don't really want to destroy your personal liberties, but at the same time, ther e was a substantial erosion of civil liberties under the recent Republican administrations, all in the name of "security".

Still, it almost seems like that is the choice we get as voters from these two parties. Oy gevalt.

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Colby said...

"Mr Bell, Please stop thinking so much. Quick. I need 700 billion dollars."

"What? you say, "I mean the oversight alone-"

"No No, Mr. Bell! Don't ask what the oversight might be. Stop asking questions. I don't have time. Just agree with me. I need $700b, Ok?"

(PS - I like your mind.)