Monday, June 21, 2010

Shame on the Port of Oakland and the Longshoremen

Its nice to see that labor can be co-opted by terrorist sympathizers.

Today in Oakland, the Longshoremen refused to the handle the cargo of Israeli ship. All reports seem to agree that there was nothing on the ship that was controversial. Just normal goods produced in Israel and exported abroad.

But then the terrorist sympathizers of ANSWER got involved. They managed to convince the longshoremen to honor the picket for a day. That means that no one would offload the cargo from the ship. Having a ship sit idle is incredibly expensive. So congrats ANSWER, you managed to hurt Israeli manufacturers.

I have no love for ANSWER, an organization which claims to be against war and racism. Apparently, that means war when waged in defense of democracy and racism, as long as it does not include any opposition to anti-semitism.

ANSWER has clearly planted its flag with the terrorists. They are on the side of the Free Gaza Movement. Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization. Unlike the State of Israel, which exists to protect its people, the goal of Hamas is not to uplift and promote Gaza. Its stated goal is the destruction of Israel through violence.

To that end, since Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas and its allies have been launching attacks against Israel. They have kidnapped and continue to hold Sgt. Gilad Shalit as a hostage. They teach, urge, and breed hatred for anything that does not conform to their vision of Islam.

And ANSWER apparently has decided to take up their cause. To support them they have organized the picket of the Israeli ship. They say this in response to the IDF's response to the Free Gaza flotilla which attempted to run the blockade of Gaza. Despite being perfectly valid under international law, ANSWER has decided that because the people aboard the ships described themselves as "humanitarians" that Israel must be in the wrong. Despite evidence to the contrary of how each side handled themselves during the confrontation.

Is that who you want to support?

Is that what the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 wants to support? Apparently it does.

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