Friday, July 16, 2010

Note To Potential Criminal Clients

Don't brag that you can do a short stint in jail like its a yoga class.

Because that is what Lynne Stewart, the aider of terrorists, did when she was initially sentenced on a litany of charges that included perjury. The trial judge sentenced her to 28 months, which Ms. Stewart proclaimed she could do, "standing on her head."

Apparently, the DOJ did not take too kindly to the sentence, or her statement I guess. So they took the case up on appeal to the 2nd Circuit. The 2nd Circuit agreed, finding that the sentence was miscalculated.

When the trial judge applied all the enhancements that he did not apply the first time, the new sentence went up. In fact, it quintupled. A little over two years of head standing is not 10 years.

I wonder if she at all regrets helping the terrorist now? Unfortunately, the judge recommended she do her time at the Federal jail at Danbury, also known as Club Fed.

So remember... don't taunt the judge or the prosecutor while there is still a chance that the sentence may get changed.

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