Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Rumors II (Pre-Season DWTS)

So its looking like there are finally some leaks about this season's cast for Dancing With Stars. It appears that two of the pros will definitely be back. Louis Van Amstel will be there (meaning that there will be a short female among the professionals) and Lacey Schwimmer (which means that obviously there is no Santa Claus otherwise he would've read my letter.)

As far as "stars" go, some of the rumors lately have been centered around Wendy Williams. The support for this is that she is planning to put her show on hiatus for a little while. The little while would be the same time that Dancing With The Stars will be airing.

Another rumor has been about Kendra Wilkinson being a contestant this season. That one I am not so sure about. She just announced she is pregnant again and I do not think that ABC's legal department or insurers are ready for an injury to occur to a pregnant woman.

One of the weirder rumors that is floating about is that Carlos Leon may be in the cast. Apparently, he has been expressing interest in joining the show. Now who is Mr. Leon? He's Madonna's ex-husband and the father of her daughter, Leon. The man is famous for impregnating Madonna. Does that really make him a star or unlucky?

Then there is the report that Candace Cameron Bure is joining the cast this season. You may remember her better as DJ Tanner on Full House. More recently, she has been on a show called Make It or Break It on ABC Family.

Thankfully, it is being reported that Rev. Al Sharpton has turned down DWTS. Again. A better question is why did they bother asking him once?

For me, the question is: will Edyta be back? And if she does, how badly will the producers hose her again?

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