Monday, April 04, 2011

Joyous Madness in the Post Lacey Era of Dancing With The Stars

Oh it is so good to say that. Lacey Schwimmer is gone. I'm actually bummed that Psycho Mike is gone, he was kind of fun.

Thank you DWTS for letting the baby pros do a bit before the dancing to show us what it should look like. Maybe some of the people in the audience will remember it when its time to boo down Len. Nah. Judging by the way the girl did the rhumba, Edyta has some competition from the baby pros.

Mrs. Angrybell reaction to Brooke's outfit was, "Well... yeah... Noooooooooooooooo!" Apparently, the rebellion of the costuming department against Brooke Burke continues.

Wendy Williams and Tony Dovolani lead-off looking to build on last week. But which is the real Wendy? Last week or opening week? DJ Saved My Life, interesting choice for a foxtrot.  There was some Tony gropage there. This is not working real well as a song. The other problem is she is not very fluid. Her footwork is more of stomping in this one and her frame is nonexistent at times with really week arms. At the end, Tony looks like "I don't know what that was ... well they can only hate us so much." The 15 was generous in my opinion. This was not good.

Chelsea and Mark are looking to get back in the judges' good graces. It almost looks like Mark is more in touch with his feminine side than Chelsea is. Angrybabybelle was trying to learn the dance along with Chelsea.  So let's see this cha cha cha. Takes too long to get into the meat of the dance. Len wont love that. Her hip movement is not great, but its there. Her footwork could be better, but she is having the same problem that Kendra had in the first week with not getting her legs fully straight. They stayed in the syllabus of moves, but it was not her best dance this season. The judges were confused, because Carrie Ann was right, she did look like Julianne. 7 and two 8s (from Bruno and Len) was crazy. Its almost like the fix was in on this dance.

Chris Jericho and Cheryl are up now. Good grief, he chose "Let It Be". Ugh, just such a downer song. His footwork is not bad, but he is not getting the hip action he should be.  Mrs. Angrybell says "Cheryl is so good because she makes her partners look so good."  This may not have been intentionally sexy, but it was. It was a very good rhumba. Now I have to completely look at this year again. If it wasn't for that weird hip action or non action. And of course, Carrie Ann is all but sobbing. Given the way tonight has gone, the 21 is right on.

Kendra and Louis. Oh dear, what is her "thing" going to be tonight?  This rhumba is going to be interesting. And it starts off in smoke.  Maybe Louis needs to rethink that. No one can see her and she trips going down the stairs. She has hip action, but its not going the right way with the music. This costume is causing her problems because she keeps having to readjust her hands to deal with its flowingness. At times, this dance looked great. At times, it looked messy because her legs once again were not extending fully and it was taking away from what would have been a good dance. Guess they need to go to another yard sale for a new smoke machine. Len was right, there was an improvement. Carrie Ann is back to hitting the pipe with the review she is giving this dance. 23 seemed a little high. I would have given it a 7.

Romeo and Chelsea Hightower doing a rhumba. In his leprechaun shoes. Hip action was pretty much non-existent until he passed Chelsea through his legs.  Its nice. Its nothing special though. He wasn't comfortable with this dance. Either that or he is about as divorced from his emotions as L. J. Gibbs. The 20 was generous. It could easily have been 18.

Hines Ward and Kym doing a samba. He looks confident. He is getting his hips into, more so than any of the men tonight. However, he is not quiet getting the good boucne that you see in teh samba, and part of that I think is he is taking such large steps at times. It was pretty good. It just seemed odd because the song is not what I would think of as a samba song normally. I'm split on this dance., It was good, but was it good enough? Dunno. Apparently, the new rule is if Carrie Ann is wearing her engagement ring, she will give effusive reviews proclaiming everything as the greatest ever. Bruno gets caught up in the Carrie Ann tsunami. A 9 and two 8s. Mrs. Angrybell thinks he got an extra point because Carrie Ann is no longer an old maid.

Petra and Dmitri doing a ... waltz to You Raise Me Up. Her frame is pretty good. Her problem, even obscured by all the fog, is ok with the problem she is doing the dance on her toes. This means that hte rise and fall is not natural and has to be forced. It looked great because she got the flow, but technically, it had some problems in the feet. Overall, a significant improvement over the last two weeks. Len's 9 was a little too much. The 25 was .... high, but given the way this week is heaidng, I suppose its not that out of whack.

Sugar Ray and Anna  are hearing the bell. This should play to him this week because he is doing the Paso Doble. Sugar Ray mustve called in a favor to get that Lets Get Ready To Rumble dude. The dance was good, not great, but definitely going in the right direction. Given the way his improvement is going, he's not going ot go that far. But he is going to be safe for a while, given the votes. The 20 was fair.

Kristie and Maksim are up next to do a rhumba to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Right out the gate it is a train wreck, but the recovery is good. Something went wrong on the first move and Maks went down hard. He looked like he was having to really gut through that performance. He may need to go the doc and have that looked at because it looked really painful. Of course, I'm not sure who could support that amount of weight. Kristie, on the other hand, did what she could do. She is not the most flexible of the contestants, but her footwork was pretty good.

Ralph and Karina. Mrs. Angrybell can't get over the wedding dresses which were in fashion back in 1987. Let's see this Stay Gold rhumba. Arms are better but not where they need to be. His footwork is pretty good, but is holding his hips level. Its not easy for a guy to get the hip action going, but he is having as much trouble, but in different ways, than Chris Jericho. Mrs. Angrybell's feeling was "It was an ok dance, but the song was gawdawful." Seriously, though, Ralph Macchio looks like a 20-something dating a cougar rather a 50-something married to a 50-something. Mrs. Angrybell believes that Mrs. Macchio is in fact Scorpius. The 21 was not great and Ralph is clearly not happy with it

Going strictly on the dancing tonight, the one in jeopardy has got to be Wendy Williams. Front runners has shifted given the way that Macchio's dance was judged. Chris Jericho or Hines Ward are arguably the favorites, given this week plus the fact that they were building on good performances last week.

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