Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back From An Enforced Break

Normally I try to post a little more regularly than I have been for the last few days. But there is a good reason why I've been silent lately.

On Thursday, I went down to the court house to participate in the attorney of the day project, which I have mentioned a few times before. When I got there, I was told that my client had not shown, but that there were so many no shows, attorneys and clients, that they were trying to figure out what they needed.

So I hung around a few minutes and was assigned a case that was "right up my alley". If you've read this before, you probably know what that means: crazier than a loon. How crazy was this one? She came equipped with her own APS social worker. Never a good sign. This woman was loudly yelling that she needed to get going or she was going to be late for her trip to Hong Kong where she was going to live. One person near her mused aloud if she knew that Hong Kong was no longer ruled by the UK. Her landlord was attempting to evict her on the grounds that she was a nuisance.

I'm not even going to get into her spitting and drooling problem (thanks modern medicine). Eventually, we did a deal for her. Everyone was happy, including her social worker.

Then as I was about to grab my bag (with files and computer and cellphone, which I had brought in anticipation of going directly home from the courthouse), the coordinator of the project asked if I could take another case that had gotten a little crazy. So I said yes.

This case was a straight non-pay case. Of course, they were claiming that the tenant had not paid his rent in exactly a year. I looked over what the landlord and his attorney was offering and then got together with the client. The client wasn't sure about the offer. The problem was, the landlord had set this one up so that there was no way for tenant to win. The thought crossed my mind, given the name of the landlord, that this was part of an attempt to clear a building. (Of course, that is just my thought in looking at it, not based on anything more than the landlord's reputation among the tenant's bar) After laying out the realistic options for the client, he accepted the deal.

And then I went back to grab my bag and go home. Only one problem. My bag was significantly lighter. Lighter by 5.6lbs. The weight of my Sony Vaio laptop and cellphone. Some rat fink b%^&@#d, more than likely someone that one of the other attorneys of the day was representating went into my bag and stole my computer and phone.

As a solo, and one who is only starting out, that laptop was essentially my entire office. And my back-ups are not as current as they should be. Fortunately, I have hard copies of everything. And only one case has a deadline anytime soon.

So now I am back up with a new Toshiba Satellite S9312. I so did not need to buy a new computer this week.

More later.

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