Thursday, September 14, 2006

Making an honest woman of her could get you arrested in Minnesota

Courtsey of Lowering the Bar, comes this story of love, weddings, massages, and possible prison time.

Apparently Minnesota has a law which prohibits massage therapists from engaging in sexual relations with their clients for two years after the client ceases to be a... erhm... client. On the surface, it seems like a nice way to try and sort out who the legitimate massage therapists and who are, well, not.

Well, a massage therapist married a former client of hers back in September of 2003. Of course, although he had not been a client since May of 2002, Mr. Fjellman still fell within the two year moratorium of people that the new Mrs. Fjellman could not schtup. Add in Mr. Fjellman's ex-wife, who apparently is not happy about being the ex-wife, who decided to report them to Minnesota authorities, and you now have a situation where a wife could be fined or lose her license for (gasp!) having sex with her husband.

I'm sure that the people of Minnesota will be more relaxed now that they know their officials are on the job.

Hopefully there will be a happy ending. (I just couldn't resist)

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't meet strict scrutiny required for limiatations on marriage (it's part of privacy --> fundamental right).