Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dancing With The Stars Drinking Game

So after watching Dancing With The Stars tonight, I decided there needed to be a drinking game for it. Here are my initial rules:

Every time Edyta Sliwinska puts her ankle past her ears take drink.
Every time Len Goodman says there were no heel leads do a shot.
Every time Samantha Harris says "heroic" finish the drink of the person to the right.
Every time Tom Bergeron says "heroic" finish the drink of the person to the left.
Every time Mario Lopez breaks the rules drink two drinks.
Every time Cheryl Burke flips her hair dramatically during a routine take a sip.
Every time Karina Smirnoff has to yell at Mario in a training session take two sips.
Every time Monique Coleman says she has to represent because she's the only girl left finish the glass.
Every time Joey Lawrence starts licking his lips drink until he stops.
Every time Bruno Tonioli pumps his fist in the air drink two shots.

Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thid a great drinkng game wow, dancing wit the stars, excitng..... drink one mor time!!