Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Go To One Gala..

... and suddenly America loses its mind.

Explain this to me, how in the name of all that is right does Sara Evans go on and Willa Ford get sent home on Dancing With The Stars? Did people watch the dances?

I know, I should not get worked up about this show.

But really, can someone tell me with a straight face that Sara Evans is a better ballroom dancer than Willa Ford?

And no, for any of those of you who have been reading this long enough, this has nothing to do with the fact that Willa is blonde, like the last boneheaded decision made by the Dancing With The Stars watchers on which I commented.

Honestly... she's a fine singer but put Ms. Evans in some ballroom heels and she looks uneblievably wooden. Gah.

To Messers Goodman and Tonioli and Ms. Inaba, what are you thinking giving her halfway decent scores when clearly she is not hitting the steps nearly half as well as the others who remain in the competition? Not to mention the fact that she does not exude fun or sexiness when she is dancing, like Jerry does. Yet each week, it seems to me that you are kvelling over her like she is a princess about to emerge.

The competition is half-over and if the judges were to be honest, they would probably say that she has earned the score she deserved once (when she did the jive to "These Boots Are Made For Walking"). Yet this week, when Ms. Evans danced the Samba, you gave her 8's (I believe she got a 24).

Now, I know its not fair to compair... but should you wonder what a good Samba looks like, here is Stacy Keibler's from last season.

Compare that with what Ms. Evans managed this week.

Or to be more fair, here is Ms. Evans and Ms. Ford's mambos. First Ms. Evans:

And now Ms. Ford:

So please, vote for someone who is not Sara Evans next week (unless she suddenly develops into a ballroom dancer a la Fran). And to the professional judges... be judges. Stop this kvelling over the popular ones and let the ones who are more entertaining go on.

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C said...

I so agree with this. It's unfair and it's not right. Sara sucks - bottom line and she should be going home and even though I didn't think she was AS awful the other night as she's been all competition, she's still the worst thing there.