Thursday, April 12, 2007

More of My Obsession with Dancing with the Stars

So as I was watching the tivoed Dancing with Stars Results Show (yes, but I have an excuse for using the tivo. Two actually. Veronica Mars is on hiatus and the Giants game is much more important to be watched live), and saw the return of Drew to the dance floor.

My first thought was, "Rich looks like he would rather be anywhere else singing than on this show." Then as I watched some more, I could not help but think, "wow, you think Cheryl misses having Drew as her partner?"

Anyways, the routine that has impressed me the most was the Joey Fatone (who would think I would ever something nice to say about an N'Sync member?) and Kym Johnson Paso from this week.

With Leeza Gibbons gone (finally!), the next to fall should be Clyde (if only to put him out of his misery) followed by Billy Ray (send the Kentucky boy back to Kentucky and stop torturing Karina). Then, it should go that either John Ratzenberger (sorry Edyta, maybe next season you'll get someone who can keep up with you) or Heather Mills (yes, you are the feel good person, but eventually that peg leg of yours should put you out of contention). The final three should be Fatone/Johnson, Ziering/Burke, and Ohno/Hough.

Who I think will win(N`Sync had a lot of fans): Fatone/Johnson
Who I think should win: Fatone/Johnson
Who I think is the darkhorse: Ohno/Hough

Something about the Ziering/Burke pairing just keeps them from great, but then there is a stumble. Sorry Cheryl, I think that Ziering is just too much of a goofball to put you back on top for the three-peat.

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