Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yes, I will talk about Dancing with the Stars ...Again

Alright...the week gone by in Dancing with the Stars. Well... I was really... ummmm... underwhelmed by most of the dancing. There was the one standout: Ohno and Hough's Rhumba was great, despite what Mr. Goodman said about the chair.

(And as a side note, how many out there think that Edyta saw the split move by Julianne and wanted to go out and do the same?)

There was one set of scores, which I thought really were undeserved: Ian and Cheryl's Paso.

Frankly, I feel that the judge's are just being mean when it comes to Ian. Maybe its because they are tired of seeing Cheryl win or something, but every time Ian goes and does what they tell him to do, they tell him he should have done it the other way. Watch his face as he stands there and manages to not explode as they whiplash him again. Not my favorite dancer, but this is the hard luck couple of the tournament this time. That dance, I thought, deserved a bit better from the judges. At least the viewers rewarded him.

Now... the most painful of the night had to be that lost bear in the swamp: Billy Ray Cyrus.

Yeah, I know, "Big Daddy" and all that. Will people out there have some mercy on poor Karina and stop voting for them. Please. Please put her out of her misery. She deserves a better fate than this.

As for the rest, ... well Laila turned in a nice Cha Cha Cha but I wasn't as bowled over by it as the judges were.

It was good, it just did not grab me. Part of it was Laila's bit of choreography at the end. The other is that I think Maksim is a bit of a brat as a partner. He swings from choreographing boring, simple routines, with routines that are beyond a person at her level that and contain moves that are not allowed.

John and Edyta put on a fun little Mambo...

Their days are numbered. In a perfect world, they will go a week longer than Billy Ray and Karina (is anyone listening here? Save the dancer, don't vote for Billy Ray!). Of course, Edyta is doing far better than she would have if "Big Pussy" had not pulled out. Then again, Julianne has challenged her title of being the most flexible and most willing to kick her leg past her ear at any time so she might be readying something to show off her legs and smack down the upstart Julianne.

Then there was Joey and Kym. Not much to say. It was fun. I was masculine (at least for Joey).

And this with a song that really wasn't that Samba-esque I thought.

Last but not least, there was Heather and Johnathan. The leg was eventually going to come up and get her and the Paso was it.

She was voted off 2 weeks early in my opinion. Of course, she had less of a margin of error. Paso is a tough dance, doubly so for the woman I think.

But, in a rare agreement, I think the judges picked the right routine to bring back for a second viewing when they had the entire cast do their group swing again. It was fun.

After this week, with Lalia and Maksim clawing their way back up and Ian and Cheryl continuing to stumble, its looking like the final three could end up being Fatone/Johnson, Ohno/Hough, and Ali/Chmerkovskiy. If Ian and Cheryl can pull it all together, they could get back in this one because I think that Maxsim will end up bringing his partner down. But I think that we could be looking at an all-male star finale with Fatone/Johnsone and Ohno/Hough squaring off for the title.

Of course... I could be wrong.

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