Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Follows Is Purely My Opinion

Law firms which deal primarily, or largely, in the collection of debts are, in my opinion, slime. Perhaps, scum would be better a word?

I mean, how fraking hard would it be for them, when they have intiated a law suit, to consent to a telephone call in an attempt to settle the case.

Yes, I know, deadbeats should have to pay their debts. I am all for that.

Yes, I understand that Federal laws have been enacted which can result in liability to them if they act improperly with a consumer. Those are some good rules put in place to prevent abuses that were, and in some cases, occur by debt collection agencies.

But why must I, having identified myself politely as opposing counsel in the case, write a letter begging them to deign to talk to me on the phone?

I did want to just work out a settlement with them. Now, I'm thinking go with my original instinct and file the summary judgment and see how they like that.

But like I said earlier, in my opinion, attorneys who are debt collectors are scum. If one would like to prove my opinion wrong, please do.

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