Monday, December 31, 2007

My Thoughts On A Case

As I sit here, dealing with a case at almost 2 a.m., it seems that a few quotes keep popping into my head.

The one that seems most printable goes as follows:

Take a trumpet, herald;
Ride thou unto the horsemen on yon hill:
If they will fight with us, bid them come down,
Or void the field; they do offend our sight:
If they'll do neither, we will come to them,
And make them skirr away, as swift as stones
Enforced from the old Assyrian slings:
Besides, we'll cut the throats of those we have,
And not a man of them that we shall take
Shall taste our mercy. Go and tell them so.

I'm mad. I doubt that I would have as much mercy as Harry does in the play.

Its late.

Someone should have to pay for the mess that was started with this case. If I have my way, I know where to start.

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