Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's Learn the Right Lessons From This...

Anyone else notice the headlines today, proudly trumpeted by, among others, AP and Reuters, that Shia LaBoeuf's recent auto accident "wasn't his fault". Ok... good message to send people. Even though he was arrested for DUI... it wasn't his fault.

Good journalistic call there. Makes it sound like just because Mr. LaBoeuf did not cause the accident that it is ok to drive while under the influence.

How about emphasizing that if you are driving under the influence, and there is an accident, that it doesn't matter whose fault it was. The fact that you are driving DUI is going to end up with you going into custody and then before a magistrate on some sort of charge of DUI. The other fella, who was not drunk, will probably just suffer a ticket and maybe his insurance will go up from the accident. Then again, he gets a built in defense should you have to sue for his negligence.

So let's try this: Shia LaBoeuf is at fault for driving drunk. He also happened to have his car hit by someone else.

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