Friday, July 18, 2008

What will happen if they lose?

This is what I have been wondering ever since the measure which would outlaw same-sex marriage (aka Proposition 8) was put on the ballot for this November. What will they say then?

Right now, alot of conservatives have been criticizing the decision by the California Supreme Court in the In re Marriage Cases, where the court found that the law discriminated against same-sex couples by refusing to allow them to be married in the same fashion as heterosexual couples. The critcisms have generally fallen into the category that the Justices of the California Supreme Court were being activists, imposing their will on a populace which had voted overwhelmingly to the contrary.

But since the court's decision, the polls have been showing that Prop 8 is unlikely to win. Now yes, this is only a poll. And yes, Prop 8 has seen an increase since the first poll taken 2 months ago in May. On the other hand, that 2 percent is within the margin of error.

What will the conservatives who oppose gay marriage say if the voters fail to approve it? (Other than the usual that Californian are [insert derogatory comment here].) This time a plebiscite will have been had. Will they then try and find ways around the Full Faith and Credit Clause?

I think we will definitely see a full fledged effort to get a constitutional marriage amendment to the constitution at the very least. Although, when we have amended the U.S. Constitution to include a provision denying people the ability to do something, that has not always worked so well.

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