Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Are You Frakking Kidding Me? We Have That Many People Who Are That Afraid of...


I mean seriously. Prop 8 won? A proposition that by its very nature is discriminatory? That seeks to strips rights from people? That says that its more important to love who an organized religion says is appropriate rather than following your heart?

This disgusts me.

People bought into the argument that children need to be protected from hearing about gays and gay marriage? People believe that simply because children might be exposed to it, that they will grow up to be degenerates, immoral, and/or homosexual?

I cannot believe that California was so blinkered as to vote this way.

Explain it to me? I understand that people are religious. I'm a fairly religious person. However, how does allowing gay marriage inhibit their ability to worship? Does it establish some "homosexual church" that I was unaware of? Does it mandate that people will suddenly turn gay?

Let's be clear: Californians, for all their so-called liberal ideals, managed to allow this disgusting piece of social-mandating legislation to passed.

Yay, Obama won. Go and celebrate if you like. Personally, I don't feel much like celebrating knowing that this was approved by the people of my state.

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