Monday, November 24, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Finale Part I

First off... is Bruno trying to steal Brooke Burke away from her husband?

Second, Brooke Burke did a nice free-style dance, but it was no Drew Lachey free-style.
Exhibit A: Brooke Burke's ode to Grease.

Exhibit B: Drew Lachey's "Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy" routine.

One of the best free-styles, are you sure Len? Please.

Then we come to Lance's routine. I gotta say, neither the Mrs. Angrybell or I were digging it. As Mrs. Angrybell said" Lacey is a weak choreographer". To me, it was just a miscalculation. It seemed.... flat. A freestyle is supposed to wow.

This one... not so much. Since its the finals, they had to give them 9's I suppose.

And then we come to the big man, Warren Sap. Kym, good call on the costume and the choreography.. You had everyone in America, and especially in the ABC Legal Department, wondering if there was going to be a costume "mishap". Then to recognize, you had a massive ex-NFL player with a lot of upper body who has been waiting to throw you around.

I have to agree, it was my favorite routine of the night.

Now, the last couple of weeks have been interesting. Brooke has been the best dancer all season. Lance has had some nice routines. However, Warren has consistently turned in the best performances.

Now, when I say performances, I include both technique and showmanship. He goes out there, and people respond to the fact that he is having a lot of fun out there. His technique may not be great, but his charisma makes up for it.

Lance just has not been that good. He has moments of good/great, but then he will piss it all away. Why? No idea. His partner, Lacey, does not appear to be as good at choreographing routines as the other professional dancers. However, its not her fault when it comes to executing. At that point, its all Lance's problems coming out on the floor. My guess is that he is a head case (Mrs. Angrybell thinks he needs a lot of therapy to deal with his feelings of inadequacy).

The interesting case for me at this point is Brooke Burke. All season she has been the one by whom all the other dancers were measured on the show. However, in the last two weeks of show, it has become clear that she is letting the pressure get to her. Her jive last week basically imploded, opening the door for Lance to threaten her. Now, the dances she turned in tonight were good. However, both had little errors, errors which three weeks ago we would not have seen. So the question becomes, do you judge her in the finals solely on what she does tonight and tomorrow or do you judge her for the work that she has turned in this season.

In case anyone cares, I think that Brooke should win. Warren should come in second. However, the performances that the Big Fella turned in tonight make it hard to ignore him.

If Lance wins, people who vote for him need to have their heads examined. Anyone who whines that much does not deserve to be rewarded.

Final question: Mrs. Angrybell wants to know if I should get Len's outfit from tonight. Who thinks I should rock the pink like Mr. Goodman?

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