Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally Some News on My Favorite Landlords

Some out there may remember Kip and Nicole Macy. They owned a rental property in San Francisco which they rented out. Of course, their version of being landlords included breaking into their apartments and stealing from them, trying to convince a city inspector to red tag their building to get rid of their tenants, calling the police to arrest at least one of their tenants claiming he was a "squatter" and cutting out support beams from underneath the floors of their tenants apartments.

Sounds like great people to be renting from.

Anyways, today a grand jury returned an indictment against Kip and Nicole Macy. Kip Macy is now being charged with six counts of stalking, four counts of burglary, two counts of false impersonation, two counts of theft, as well as counts of making threats, cutting a phone line, and receiving stolen property. Nicole Macy has been indicted with three counts, of burglary, two counts of false impersonation, an unknown number of stalking counts (perhaps six as well), as well as cutting a phone line and receiving stolen property.

And my favorite part of today's news, both of them are going back into custody because their bail bondsmen won't front the bail for them anymore. The reason? The property they put up (namely the property they were terrorizing the plaintiffs at by damaging it) has declined in value.

Almost like karma at work.

I'd wait to see what Mr. Macy has to say when he leaves an anonymous comment, but last time I was there, they did not allow inmates access to computers at the San Francisco county jail.

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