Friday, February 27, 2009

And This Is The Kind Of Court Some People Want Us To Join

Apparently it was not enough that he was elected president of a country. It was also not enough that as president of Serbia that he was a member of the "Supreme Defense Counsel" or that he had control over the police and army in Serbia during the the atrocities in Kosovo against the ethnic Albanian Kosvars.

The UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (UNICTY) found Milan Milutinović innocent yesterday.

Either these judges cannot recognize a war criminal when they see one or the prosecutors went to the Clark-Darden School for Prosecutors Who Want To Lose Their Cases.

This is an odd result to me for a couple of reasons. In addition to Milutinović, there were five others who were charged with the same or similiar crimes. The other five were all convicted. Yet somehow, the court drew a distinction for Milutinović. Yet even though Milutinović was a memebr of the same groups, they somehow came to the conclusion that he did not have authority that the others did.

To me that's like saying Hitler would be convicted but not convicting von Ribbetrop because he was not in the direct chain of command becasue he was a diplomat.

For all the carnage and death caused by the Serbians in Kosovo, the five will get between 15 and 22 years in prison minus the time they have already spent in custody. Have to love European sentences. Be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and end up with a sence as low as 9 years in jail.

Seems ridiculous to me.

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