Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hypocrite Skates By...And San Francisco Gets...?

But somehow, did we expect anything else from the enfant terrible of San Francisco politics? I mean he is going to be termed out, so that he can abandon San Francisco for the suburbs. Yes, that's right, Chris Daly was cleared by the San Francisco City Attorney's Office yesterday when it issued a report on its investigation about the supervisor. Essentially, it states that Daly really does live in the city and not the suburbs where he and his wife and children live in one of two properties they purchased earlier this year.

If its true, I guess he just doesn't like being around his family. I can't think of a reason that I would spend at least 5 of 7 days a week in an apartment with people other than my wife and children.

But this is Chris Daly.

But I still don't believe it.

Mr. Daly clearly does not want to be in San Francisco. He is clearly just marking time, improving his credentials before he makes his next run for some other office. But that's not what we should have as a supervisor. We have too many problems in this city that need to be addressed by someone willing to stay and work, not jsut use the office as a stepping stone to a higher level of government. In any event, if Mr. Daly had any honor, he would resign. However, when was the last time any politician demonstrated that?


Colby said...

Seriously. How could he be cleared? No. Really. Did he buy them off with the cash he had in reserve for a 3rd property in Fairfield?

AngryBell said...

IF I said that, then I might get hit with a libel suit. And given that anonymous free speech got gutted today (hmmm, wonder if we'd have the federalist papers under this ruling), then I have to let other people suggest such things.

On the other hand, maybe they let him slide on his promise that he would never again run for office in San Francisco. That won't work. He'll try and collectivize some other locality.

And I used to be such a left winger. Until I actually moved back to San Francisco and had to deal with politicos like this. Ugh.

Colby said...

At least I didn't call him a sk*nk.

AngryBell said...

No, I would never do that. Politicians are never sk*nks. That I reserve for Cosmo cover models.