Thursday, August 13, 2009

I can't, I can, I won't, I will, I should, I shouldn't

So I saw this over on Colby's blog and for the first time actually felt the urge to do a meme. So here goes:

I can't:
  • Work for someone I do not respect. It ends badly for all.
  • Extend courtesy to someone who refuses to do the same.
  • Call someone by their first name until they actually tell me that I can. Until then, everyone is a Mr., Ms., Miss, or Mrs. (as appropriate).
  • Forget that I participated in two executions. I was not in the room, but I helped make sure that they happened.
  • Forget how amazing it was to see my daughter emerging from Mrs. Angrybell.
I can:
  • Work on being more tolerant of people who do stupid things.
  • Work on restraining my Irish temper when confronted with said people who do stupid things.
  • Return phone calls within 24 hours of getting them, even from my that client I just can't stand.
I won't:
  • Sell out a friend. I will however make fun of them endlessly when they deserve it.
  • Root for the Dodgers.
  • Forgive a certain person. You know who you are. You know what you did.
  • Turn my daughter into me (or at least a female version of me). She should shoot for better.
  • Drink coffee. Its icky.
  • Eat squash. I know its good for you and all, but I can't eat it. I figure every adult is allowed one food that they can always say no to. Squash is mine
I should:
  • Work on being more understanding of Prius and BMW drivers. Its not their fault they were born with a gene that prevents them being considerate on the road (with the exception of my mother, aka Grandma Angrybell. Not Lil Grandma Angrybell, she doesn't drive a Prius).
  • Drink more. Seriously, I should, but only with other people. Because drinking alone is just sad.
  • Rediscover that discipline that I've let lapse since I became a solo.
  • Finally finish training for an Iron Man and do it. Of course, that would mean starting again. The training that is.
  • Stop being so damnably fearful.
  • Find ways to make more money. Not because I have a particular need for something. Because I know my daughter needs some things. Things she doesn't even know yet.
  • Develop a way to market myself that is effective and I can live with. I am so bad at selling myself.
  • Not feel guilty about asking to be paid what I am worth.
I shouldn't:
  • Enjoy certain news items so much.
  • Enjoy cheese steaks so much. But I do. Especially at the place over on Divisadero.
  • Take as many pro bono cases as I do. G-d I sound like Hoskins (bonus points if you can identify the character and the series).
  • Take such joy in making other attorneys miserable.
  • Expect other attorneys to show the basic courtesy that I was taught. Its not their fault they were raised by wolves and educated by hyenas.


Colby said...

Well done.

Executions? Wow. I can't even imagine.

And no coffee? Now, that's just blasphemy.

AngryBell said...

I've drunk coffee maybe 3 times. All in college. All trying to impress a girl I was out. Each time thinking "Why the hell am I drinking this stuff."