Thursday, February 25, 2010

Does He Not Get It?

Does President Obama not get that sometimes you have to back up your allies? I mean, its not enough that he sold the Poles and the Ukranians down the river to the Russians after they stood in the door for us on missile defense. Its not enough that he tacitly supported a would-be dictator in Honduras.

Apparently he wants to cut the British loose as well. Remember the British? The ones who have backed us pretty consistently for more than a century. The ones who went to bat for us over terrorism, Iraq, and Afghanistan? The only member of the EU worth a damn when it comes to taking effective action and honoring their commitments?

I guess its too much of a bother for the Obama Administration to take the time to back up British claims of sovereignty to the Falkland Islands. Or the fact that the people there want to be British subjects and not Argentinian citizens. Apparently, its too damn hard for the Obama Administration to do that.

For those who do not remember, the Falklands are a group of islands in the South Atlantic. They have been claimed at various times by a number of nations, including Great Britain, Spain, Argentina, and France. Since 1833, the islands have been a British possession and its inhabitants have been British subjects. In 1982, with their country going down the drain, the military junta which controlled Argentina invaded the islands. The United Kingdom decided that it was going to do something to protect its people and reconquered the islands.

Back in 1982, we backed the Brits. We provided them with intelligence, upgraded weapons, and political support. Apparently the Brits can no longer count on us for anything.

Yes the start of this dispute is about oil. The real question is whether we support our friends. This should be an easy one. Argentina lost those islands nearly two centuries ago. The population of the islands are British, and want to remain British. But apparently, that's not enough to support those who have helped us.

We need friends like the Brits. We do not need friends like Chavez. When is this administration going to wake up to this fact?

I swear, there are times I think this Administration wants me to vote for their opponent in 2012.

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