Monday, September 27, 2010

New experiment here at the Wandering Bell

Mrs. Angrybell really must love me. She got me an iPad. Which is why I am giving it a go as far as using it for my practice.

Yes, I know other lawyers out there have already done so. I'm not the first, but as much as I love gadgets, I really am awful at change.

So my initial thoughts on this after using it for a little more than a day:

1. It's really, really feakin cool. (Just had to say that.)
2. The major problem for me right now is that there seems to be no app that can allow you to read and manipulate a Word Perfect document (aka .wpd). Now, I personally do not use .wpd format, but someone I work with refuses to give up Word Perfect. So that is going to make things interesting.
3. I thought I would have more trouble with this keyboard but so far thie transition has not been as hard as I thought it might be.
4. I really need to sort out how to cut and paste on this. I can do it easily in some programs but when it comes to cutting and copying on the web, it's not been easy. Have to go to the guides to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Alright so I'll be back to my usual grousing later.

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