Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Classic Deposition Testimony

This is from an asbestos case going on right now. The names are removed to protect the guilty.

Defense Attorney: Were you ever married?
Witness: That's neither here nor there. I have no family. It's me. Never had a kid.
Defense Attorney: Between the time you started and stopped working with your brother, were you ever married?
Plaintiff's Attorney: Objection. Asked and answered. He said he has no family.
Witness: I told you, I have no family. I have me. And I had my brother.
Defense Attorney: I'm not sure that's a direct answer to the question. It seems a little evasive to me.
Witness: If you won't accept that, my answer is I'm not answering it.
Plaintiff's Attorney: We already talked to this off the record. We agreed to proceed. He's given you a lot of testimony as to children that he wasn't prepared to give in the first place.
Witness: I already gave that.
Plaintiff''s Attorney: I know.
The Witness: If I have a girlfriend or if I have hookers on the side is none of his business.

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