Friday, March 09, 2007

Showing His True Colors ... Again

The worst-ex-president-still-living (aka Jimmy Carter) is at it again.

Not content to merely misrepresent the facts of what happened when he was in office, or to use language calculated to inflame the situation, or to present a fair account of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the worst-ex-presidnet-still-living has taken to using "fake but true" documents to support his position.

Apparently, in defending his abhorent position that Israel is actually the equivalent of South Africa during the apartheid-era, Mr. Carter is now claiming to have support for his views from someone who lived under apartheid. He states that Nelson Mandela sent a letter to the New York Times' columnist, Thomas Friedman, stating that he shares Mr. Carter's view.

There is only one problem: Mandela never wrote the letter. It was written by Arjan El-Fessed, a man who operates a site called "The Electronic Intifada".

Thanks to Mr. Carter's use of this hoax, it has now been given legitimacy and found its way into a number of reports on Israel as evidence of Israel's perfidity. Including one submitted to the UN.

Let's see, Israel tells the truth and no one listens. Someone cooks up a fake book (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) or a fake document (the El-Fessed letter) and the world swallows it whole without even thinking.

And Mr. Carter calls himself a friend of Israel. I think its more telling who he fights for, rather than who he claims to be a friend of: North Korean and its leader Kim Jong-Il, Cuba and its dictator, Fidel Castro, former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu, former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, former Pakistani General Zia ul-Haq, and others. His meddling in North Korea prevented the United States from dealing properly, as it should have, with their attempt to develop nuclear weapons in 1994. Most tellingly, he abandoned American territory and sentenced American personnel to 444 days of captivity and depredation because of his lack of will to stand up for the people of the United States.

He chooses to represent the cause of terrorists, dictators, and gross human rights abusers. At every turn, he undercuts the authority and prestige of not just the United States but of Western ideals in general. Now he chooses to use lies to support his untenable, illogical, and immoral stance. Can we who are not red-staters finally stop beatifying this man and call him what he is?

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