Wednesday, January 02, 2008

If the EPA says that they didn't see this coming....

Then I'll have whatever they are smoking.

If you recall, a few weeks ago, the EPA in its infinite wisdom decided to go against nearly three decades of precedence and violate their discretion given to them by statute when they decided to reject California's application for a waiver under the Clean Air Act. I ranted a bit about the duplicitousness of the EPA's decision a few days ago.

My favorite part of the EPA's whole decision making process is the power point presentation that apparently was given by the EPA's legal department to the Agency's head. In it, they told him that if California is denied and sued, California would probably win. If California was granted the waiver, and the automakers sued the EPA, then the Agency would win.

It was announced today that California's Attorney General was filing suit against the EPA over its refusal to grant the waiver.

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