Thursday, January 03, 2008

Britney: The Offer Is Still Open!

I mean, obviously, you are having some trouble with your legal representation. Apparently your first set of lawyers wanted you to follow their advice, show up for appointments, things like that. So they quit.

Feh, quitters. They never win!

And now, it sounds like your current set of attorneys, the firm of Trope and Trope, has decided that they no longer are comfortable representing you. According to one report, they are saying that there has been a breakdown in communications between yourself and your attorneys.

Listen, shoot me an email. The offer is still open.

I may not be the most experienced family law practitioner in California, but I am completely at home with my clients not listening to me, wanting to do asinine things, and generally being uncontrollable. You want to stay out all night partying and be unable to show up for a deposition, no problem! You want the impossible done, you got it! As long as the retainer is maintained, then I can be your attorney for as long as you need.

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