Thursday, April 10, 2008

Congrats to a Tenant Attorney

After two days of trial, plus another in settlement conferences, a local (San Francisco) attorney, Mary Catherine Wiederhold, won a victory for her client. The opposition was Trophy Properties (a subsidiary of CitiApartments).

This was an unlawful detainer case based on a non-payment of rent. The rub was this: the month that the defendant was alleged to have failed to pay was more than nine months prior to the service of the 3-Day Notice to Quit. The defendant stated that she had previously paid the rent for the month in question and that the unlawful detainer was only filed against her because she had called San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection in order to compel the landlord to make needed repairs. At trial, the defense won the case on an nonsuit, resulting in the court dismissing the case with prejudice.

Congrats to Ms. Wiederhold!

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