Monday, April 07, 2008

More of My Dancing With The Stars Sickness

Some thoughts before I get into the dances. What the hell is wrong with Bruno tonight? Did someone douse him in sparkles tonight.

Kristi Yamaguchi - I liked it. Once again, hitting most of the steps it looked like. It just looked like there were few times when you got lost. Still a hard dance done well. Mrs. Angrybell had this to see "I liked it!" and then "I didnt think it was worth two 10s... a 10 means you couldnt do better." Nice to see that score inflation has returned.

Priscilla Presley - That outfit is just unfortunate. Whoever is the costumer needs to be taken out on stage and forced to wear some of the nonsense that they have put the contestants in this year. Ms. Presley is attractive, yet whoever made her costume choices... managed to make her look dumpy and unattractive. Carrie Anne... you are back as the lift police! Where were you the last few weeks? Even Len is jumping on the lift police paddy wagon!

Adam Carrolla - WTF?!?!?!? A unicycle? The exchange between Mr. and Mrs. Angrybell went as follows:
Mrs. Angrybell : A unicycle?
Mr. Angrybell: Yup.
Mrs. Angrybell: But he's dressed like Zorro!
Mr. Angrybell: Yup.
Mrs. Angrybell: But didn't Zorro ride a horse?
Mr. Angrybell: He would have, but they couldn't get it the stage.

The scores... come on Carrie Ann and Bruno that was worth 7's not 6's. Come on audience, help pick him up a bit. Its too soon to lose the comedy.

Marlee Matlin - This is not her dance. She just looked so tentative on this one to me, at least in the beginning. Mrs. Angrybell "She got better as it went on." Carrie Ann... I think you need to recuse yourself from judging Ms. Matlin since that dance was not tear-worthy.

Mario - Impressive. I don't think you will be in the bottom two this week. Even though I've been slagging Carrie Ann early, I have to agree with her on this one. Len "I've Got Underpants Older Than You" Goodman... what more needs to be said.

Jason Taylor - Or should we now call him "Sir Dancealot"? Mrs. Angrybell had these two comments: "Sexy" and "C'mon Edyta, kick those legs back up higher, you're not trying." Nice but with a little trip. Nice come back with a 29.

Cristian De La Fuente - First of Mrs. Angrybell thought was .... not that nice of a chest. My thoughts... please let this be his last week on the show. I never danced the Paso, so I don't know how to do it, but something about it bothered me. Unfortunately, it also felt like he was doing well. Bummer.

Shannon Elizabeth - Jonathan Roberts gets the Kevin "Flying Squirrel" Frandsen award for being the utlimate utility dancer. To date, he has helped out Guttenberg and Elizabeth. Of course, The Gut went down after being tutored by Jonathan.... In any event, this dance worked well for Shannon. She got to use her long arms and legs to look graceful instead of tentative.

Marissa Janet Winokur - The Angrybells split on the outfit. The Mrs. thought it was good. I just thought it was scary. The dance.. looked good. My only comment was she just seemed to show a lil fear every so often. All I can say is ... "Wrath of Khan Chest Plate".

Jason and Kristi again showed themselves to be the cream of the crop. Mario is charging back up, while Shannon is quietly putting together a solid set of scores. Who I would like to see go: Cristian De La Fuente (too much Cry-baby Cameron in him for my tastes). Who I think will go: Adam Carrolla (which is a shame, since I think that the ballroom needs a clown for a while longer).

Mrs. Angrybell thinks that the next one to go is Marissa Winokur. Adam Carolla should go, according to her, but she wants him to stay because she enjoys watching Jullianne Hough.

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