Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More of My Dancing WIth The Star Madness

Well, Presley is gone. And thats not a bad thing. She started off so strong, but she just could not let go and dance. In her last dance, the Rumba, she just looked so scared to just go with it.

If it was up to me, the audience would knock out, in the following order, the next contestants: Cristian De La Fuente (he makes Cameron from last season look manly), and Marlee Matlin (inspiring yes, but when not in hold with her partner, she is lost).

After that, for me, the stars who should go gets a little questionable. In my opinion, the second tier of competitors this season are Shannon Elizabeth, Mario, and Marissa Janet Winokur.

On the one hand, I think that Elizabeth has more potential, but her cardio is going to kill her when they get to the two dances. No one should be that out of breath after every dance. Even Marie Osmond only collapsed once.

Winokur brings spunk and all that good stuff, but she just, to my eye, does not look to have the "it" to make it to the finals. Then there is Mario. He can dance, but like judges said last night, he just does not have the technique down. Maybe he could pull of a change in the coming weeks, but he just has not shown it. With time ticking away, if he does not pull off a really flawless performance, I can't see why he should make it to the finals. Of this second tier, I would say that it will probably go, in order of exits: Winokur, Elizabeth, and Mario.

Now, the people who should make it to the finals, namely Kristi Yamaguchi and Jason Taylor. Yamaguchi just keeps hitting every mark that Mark puts out there. She even managed to convince me that she was into Mark for a few seconds last night. Sometimes, when she is doing some of the more intricate moves, its almost as if her body says "Oh yeah, I remember doing this on skates" and it all just flows so easily for her.

As I thought in the begining, her main competitor is Jason Taylor. He is going to take so much grief from his teammates when training camp starts this year (on the other hand he will probably reply "Yeah, well I had Edyta wrapped around me!"), however, he listens to his partner. And she, so far, has not lead him wrong. He may not be Mr. Romance, but damn if he doesn't get those long legs and huge feet where he is supposed to. Plus, he had more hip action going than either Elizabeth or Preseley this week!

If Yamaguchi and Taylor meet up for the finals, this could go completely down to the free-style. Oddly enough, I do not think that the free-style will play to their strengths.

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