Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dylan Don't Do It

Seriously. I know you played Bobby Donnell on one of my favorite lawyer shows (well at least until it got just silly with that whole Lindsay shooting the stalker and Bobby cheating on her) during law school. But that does not mean you should represent yourself in your own divorce action.

Now, while I do not enjoy doing family law cases, I am willing to take you on as a client. I will do a good job for a very reasonable fee.

While you can represent yourself, that does not necessarily mean you should. If you can afford the attorney, pay for it. If you cannot afford the attorney, and I know that Mr. McDermott's show is either on the bubble or cancelled, there are invariably pro bono agencies who can help find you low-cost or free representation.

Just because the forms are look easy to fill out does not mean that the process will be as easy. There will be times when a person would be better off having someone who is not emotionally invested in the process representing, calming them down, and doing things that need to be done to make the process and painless and as quick as possible.

So seriously, Mr. McDermott, I will make an exception to my rule of not accepting clients through this blog. Drop me a line, we can talk. Its really a bad idea to represent yourself.

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