Monday, May 19, 2008

Shocker (Ho Hum)

So what would you do? You are the administrator of the EPA. There is just over a year left in a lame duck administration. You have the chance to grant a waiver which will provide the impetus to two industries to change how they do business to improve the environment. It will help with the particulates in the air which are linked to the increase in respiratory diseases in children and the population in general. However, you have pressure from the White House to deny it, most likely because a deal has been cut with the automobile and oil industries. Failure to deny it will probably be the end of your tenure (although it will be termed as a resignation for "family reasons"). Which choice would you make?

Well, we all know what the current head of the EPA chose to do. Not only is Stephen Johnson, Director of the EPA, against protecting the environment but apparently he is unwilling to put his job over his patronage. Now, I understand that he is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the President. Yes, he only got the job by being someone which either the President new or had him recommended for his loyalty to the President's part of the party.

However, its disturbing to find out that, as was reported today, that Johnson was in favor of granting in full California's request for a waiver under the Clean Air Act. However, he reversed himself and denied the request. Why did this happen? Apparently under document which were finally released by the EPA, the White House, "played a decisive role in the rejection of the California motor vehicle standards[.]"

Nice to see that keeping one's job got in the way of doing one's job.

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