Monday, May 05, 2008

More of My Dancing With The Stars Madness

What were they thinking?

Carrie Anne gives Cristian "Whiny" De La Fuente a 10 and then complains that Kristi Yamaguchi's dance was not very good. Huh? She is such a soft touch when it comes to judging. Give her a sob story and she bumps the contestant 2 points it seems. Try something ambitious and she downgrades. Mrs. AngryBell is still aghast and agog.

And then, where does Ms. Inaba get off saying that Jason Taylor's head was down too much? Every time the camera had the judges table, her head was down looking something up. Perhaps she needs to be watching the dance and not making notes or trying to learn what she should actually be judging them on.

Will people please stop voting for Cristian so we can stop being tortured by him?

On the other hand, Marissa Winokur was a lot of fun tonight. It would be nice to see her make the semi-finals.

And a note to Edyta from Mrs. AngryBell. She says you should just give up on wearing so much and go with some pasties. All I can say... it was nice to see her back in the style of costumes we've come to know and love.

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