Thursday, June 26, 2008

And the UN takes another step towards irrelevancy

In case you had not heard the latest bit of lunacy from the UN, apparently a new rule was adopted recently by the UN Human Rights Council. Apparently, it has decided that it is no allowed to criticize the practices of any religion.

Incidentally, the rule was proposed by the Pakistani (a predominantly Muslim country) representative to the head of the council, a Nigerian (a country where a large portion of the country is subject to Sharia law heard by courts of Islamic mullahs), and supported by Egypt and Iran.

That's nice. So being unable to criticize, apparently in any form, practices of any religion, the Council can no longer really deal with issues such as genital mutiliation, stoning, and child marriage. Interestingly enough, all issues which are practiced (to some form or another) by reactionary Islamic nations such as Iran, unstable Islamic nations such as Pakistan, and authoritarian dictatorships like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

I guess with all those pesky issues out of the way, the UN Human Rights Council can get back to important issues, like condemning Israel for defending itself against outlaws who want to indiscriminately kill its citizens. Nice to see their priorities are in the right place.

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