Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thank You For Voting... Now Will Someone In Sacramento Do Their Job?

Thanks to all the Californians who did their civic duty yesterday. Among the decisions made, Prop 98 lost, which if you have been reading my blog you will know fills me with a huge sense of relief.

Now, if the people we elected to serve as our legislators in Sacramento will get off of their collective bums and start working on actually dealing with issues affecting Californians, they may start earning their pay check. The issues in Props 98 and 99 are not new. Its not like it is a great secret what the majority of Californians want done about eminent domain laws in the state. However, we allow our legislators to take the easy way out, over and over again, by allowing re-electing them when they are not passing laws which the people of this state want passed.

A short list of those would be:
- Actual eminent domain reform (even I agree that Prop 99 is not a full solution)
- Same Sex Marriage (you can only hide behind the California Supreme Court so many times)
- Reforming the Worker's Compensation (which was ruined by the hype and misinformation which convinced Californians to gut worker's compensation rules in California)

Once again, thanks for voting. Now if only our elected officials would do the same in Sacramento.

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leonardop63 said...

Thank you for your enlightening dissertation on the convoluted prop proposed by the Republicans. The rich get richer. Although, as the great Charles Barkley is quoted as saying"the poor people have been voting Democrat for 50 years...and they're still poor.