Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stop the Insanity

Please no. I just cannot take another holiday for [insert minority group]. It was bad enough that Cesar Chavez became a holiday, but now there is a push to try and add another holiday to the calendar in honor of Harvey Milk.

Let me make something clear: this is not because Milk was gay or Chavez was a union leader. I am all for equality for all. I am all for people being paid a living and not a subsitence wage.

What I am against is another holiday on the calendar which will be forgotten except when it comes to closing state offices. Now I realize that giving people days off and closing state offices might be a good thing, this will not always be the case.

Please, find another way to honor Milk, but don't give make it a day off in his honor. Add something to the requirements for California education so that we expose people to his different view point, and to try and influence people to view equal rights for all to mean more than just equal rights for people based on the classifications that existed in 1865.

Otherwise, its just going to become a day when the court won't accept a filing, will screw up the counting of days (court versus regular) and in 25 years, people will go "Milk.. yeah he did a body good so we get the day off class."

Anyways, that's my view on that.

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