Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the End of the Three Nights of Premier Madness (Yes, itms DWTS results recap time)

So it leads off with the recall dance (or whatever they call it). And in no surprise to me it was Kelly and Louis. Well deserved in my opinion.

After the interminable lights on, lights off, red-light and whatnot, we finally found out who joined the losers club (which was hilarious. Good to see some people can have a sense of humor about failure). Ashley went home early. Which is a bummer because Edyta won't get to show off her body and try twist like a pretzel.

I have to say the Adam Corrola pep talk. As soon as I can find a clip of it, I'm posting it.

And the viewers sent home Macy Gray. Thank you America. Now I don't have to scold you. I have to say, I loved how Jonothan said, with a straightface, "I just like seeing the transformation of her and how she's changed into a ballroom dancer." It was like Crash Davis has gone to him and given him the list of sports cliches, as modified for ballroom dancing.

Who should go home next? Well, if she doesn't get it together it could be Kathy Ireland. The Dancing Hobbit (aka Louie Vito) is in the same boat.

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Colby said...

There was something kind of creepy about Macy. America could see that, and thank goodness they saved us.