Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Me?

So I have this case. And I have had to associate in counsel from another state to deal with issues in that state. Lets call this attorney Attorney S. He bills by the hour.

That is understandable.

What is not is how he is such a freakin' slow talker. By the time he has 3 words out (usually taking him 2 minutes) I know where the sentence is going and am tryign to finish it for him!!!!!!

Add to that he is a slow worker. And a very, very conservative guy. Attorney S is the equivalent of General McClellan. He has the slows. I feel like asking him if I can borrow his bar card so that I can somethign done over there rather than wait for him to finish his next sentence.

G-d save me from this!

1 comment:

Colby said...

Slow-talkers are the worst. When I encounter them, I try to encourage a field trip to Starbucks for triple espressos.

PS- I love how you always come through for me on the history/political lesson. Yes. I clicked on the McClellan link.