Monday, September 21, 2009

Its Back, The Madness Starts Now!!! (Dancing With the Stars, what else would this be?)

So this my live, taped and tivoed delayed, blogging of the show plus my thoughts (like you really care about any of it). Well a little comment about the Boys Are Back in town routine.. why did they all look so embarrassed coming down from the ceiling? I mean even Maksim, the ultimate in "watch me" looked like he'd rather be anywhere else. As Mrs. Angrybell stated, "the uber macho ones were showing off their guns". AngryBabybell is sitting watching going "whoa what is this?"

First up were Aaron and Karina doing the Cha Cha Cha. Mrs Angrybell starts it with "My G-d the outfits". His arms may be flying all over the place and sometimes not there at all. At times, he looked almost like he was doing it. At times, he was completely missing some of the basics. He has potential, which bums me as I don't like him and his schtick. Mrs. Angrybell thinks he is going for the bad boy thing. The 22 is probably right, maybe a point too high. I gave it a 7.

Following up Aaron was Chuck Liddell and Anna. First impression, he shows his nervousness by looking mean. He may need to re-purpose that for dancing. He drew the foxtrot as his first dance, not necessarily playing to a strength, or for that matter easy to pick up right away, but who knows. He needs to get in close to her. Yes, she's married, but its a dance, so get in close to her hip. There are worse things in life. But, moving on, I liked he was game for it, however, he was so nervous. First thing he needs to work on: smiling. Second thing, relaxing. There were times he almost looked like he wanted to have his feet in the right place at the right time, but he was so nervous it was tripping him up. I veered between Len and Bruno in watching this dance. Just remember, there was a cowboy who looked even worse on his first dance last season. So a 16 was the score. I think if I put more down, Mr. Liddell might have something to say to me. First time out, I would have given him a 6.

So of course, it makes sense to go with another martial artist after Liddell. Mark Dascassos and Lacey take the floor. Now, I really don't like Lacey. Mrs. Angrybell really, really doesn't like Lacey. All I can say is that at least this year, she looks like she is getting into better shape. And they are dancing the Cha Cha Cha and got a good song. He has hip movement, but it almost feels like he is a little back on heels some times. Mrs. Angrybell liked that he was smiling, and felt he had a little of showman to his schitck. Then there was the actual kung fu stuff, which I'm sure Len did not like. Overall, a good dance. Not sure why, but the suspicion is that it was Lacey's choreography, which has always been a lacking. Yup, Len, didn't appreciate it. The 21 was fair.

Did the apple far from the tree with Ashley Hamilton (and Edyta as his partner)? So far they are keeping it close, sharing the same partner. Edyta starts off the season strong with a backless number. He is having the standard problem with no heel leads at times, but he seems to be in time at times. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that they got hosed with their song. It was a good effort. However, he needs to work on his feet, get some smaller steps going. I was more with Len on that critique. The scores were harsh. A 15, really? They gave Lidell a 16 and he didn't hit a single step or have any real showmanship. (Please Mr. Liddell, don't hit me too hard!)

Up next the Wonder From Down-Under and The Showbiz Legend. That's right, Donny and Kym, got to dance up a storm, or at least try. Interesting song, the overture from Chicago. It works for his schtick. I liked. Footwork looked great. He kept up with some nice open stuff that Kym threw at him in the first week. It was not perfect, but it was good for a first week. Surprise, surprise, Len did not like the theatrics. 20 was a bit of a gyp. I think it was worth at least a 7, possibly an 8.

Louie Vito and Ms. Hightower took the floor next. Everything about Louie is tentative and scared as he starts the routine. And as Mrs. Angrybell points out "they're off on the music and he looks like an oompa lumpa". Though he did a nice little spin of her, but that was because he could stand still through it. He tried. I thought it was ugly. Like uglier than Liddell 's (please, please don't hit me!). Are the judges being told that they need to keep him on for some demographic? Mrs. Angrybell is now calling him "Louie 'The Dancing Hobbit' Vito". 19? They must be smoking crack to have given him that.

Michael Irvin and Anna came up next. Dancing the Cha Cha Cha. Someone needs to clue Anna in that doing solo stuff like that is going to do one thing: piss off Len. But they did get a good song. Too bad his foot work is not so good. He has some hips to him, but he dancing a bit hunched and isn't hitting the steps on the cha cha cha portion. A 13 was really harsh. I mean, he as there, trying. I'm pretty sure that Master P got better than a 13 and he was really not trying.

Tom De Lay came out next with Cheryl. Let me just say, this is so weird. Dancing the Cha Cha Cha. Oh this will be so weird with this very conservative guy. To Wild Thing. Mrs. Angrybell's comment "Abraham Lincoln just rolled over in his grave." This man is lacking in rhythm. But he is really trying. I agree with Mrs. Angrybell when says "He wasn't as bad as I thought he would be." And they gave him a 16, which leaves me saying "huh?"

So then comes the first relay. Ashley and Edyta started it and he looked a little too stiff. Liddell brought out Cheryl. Liddell and looked better than during the foxtrot. So maybe there is a little hope? Probably not. Then its Donny and Kym. He makes it look like he is having fun, and it covers up when he misses his steps, which is not nearly as often as the rest of the men in his group. Then there was the flying, dancing hobbit and Chelsea. It sort of resembled a dance, on his part, but not that much more. To me, Donnie and Kym were the clear winners. The rest, 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. Donny, stop showing off the emotion so much, you didn't make the finals of the Miss America Pageant. (Mrs. Angrybell thinks that they cried less than Donny did.)

The second relay was the Viennese waltz. Aaron and Karina came out looking pretty good. Can't say too much more than that. Mark and Lacey followed up, and looked elegant. He had some trouble with his footwork but covered it ok, I thought. Then came DeLay and Cheryl going for older and distinguished. They kept it basic, but it still looked a little uncomfortable for him. Then there was Anna and Jerry Rice's understudy. Posture, ugly, movement not so good and footwork, well, at least if he hits me it wont be like Liddell hitting me for what I thought of his footwork. Mrs. Angrybell liked Aaron the best. I liked Mark the best. Mrs. Angrybell called. This second group looked stronger than the other group.

Mrs. Angrybell's pick of the men is Donny. Aaron is good, according to her, but he is a bit of a spaz who needs to learn some control.

Of the men, I have to say that Donny looked the best. I put Mark second. I think he can improve quicker than most of the others. Dark horse: Aaron.

Have to wait for tomorrow night to get a bead on the women.


Colby said...

OMG. I think this might be my anniversary of reading you. Not that it's your recaps of DWTS that brought me here, just saying - I've been *here.* I'm going to have to watch just so I can relate to your posts. And maybe even tell you and MrsAngryBell that you got it ALL WRONG. Not that you did, or that you will. Just keeping it interesting.

AngryBell said...

You mean I make mistakes? Other than my butchery of the English language? Perish the thought!