Tuesday, December 15, 2009

After all... whats in a name?

Well if the name is Flynt, apparently its high class porn. Not just porn. It has to be porn that walks that fine line between "vanilla" and "making people uncomfortable".

At least that is what Larry Flynt said in testimony before a jury in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

What was this about? Larry Flynt is suing two of his nephews for trademark infringement. Interestingly, its not for misuing any of the Hustler marks. Instead, its for using their own name, Flynt, for their porn production company.

According to Larry Flynt, their porn just does not make the grade when compared with the porn turned out by Larry's Hustler. On the stand, Mr. Flynt was giving the fine points between trashy porn produced by his nephews, such as "Positive Exposure" and "Sex at Your Service", did not live up the high quality one would expect from Hustler. To prove his point, he compared them to images from "Mason's Sluts".

I'm sure that the 4 men and 4 women on the jury had fun with that explanation.

Now, according to what I have read, Mr. Flynt would have let his nephews go with the name, but for the fact that their films were so "passe". Mr. Flynt was proud to say "We're bringing elegance back to erotica."

Wow. Who knew?

In the end, the jury came out with a split verdict. On the trademark infringement claims, the jury found in favor of Larry Flynt. On the other counts, relating to invasion of privacy, the jury found for the nephews.

So beware the next time you think about slapping the name Flynt on any old piece of porn!.

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