Monday, December 21, 2009

Let's See If I Get This Whole Thing About Muni Straight...

My fast pass is going up, again.

If I still want to be able to use it to ride BART, then it goes up even more.

MUNI has cut service, meaning even longer wait times.

Even with the recent fare increases, if I'm (or my wife, or my daughter are) attacked on MUNI, there is a better than even chance that a) the camera on the bus/street car won't be working well enough to get an image of the assailant and b) it is unlikely that the MUNI driver will bother to call the police about the incident.

So where is the part that says that MUNI will improve its service? Will they actually show up on time? Only 73% of the time, if the statistics are to be believed. Where I come from, that's a C-. (Although I'm sure if President Obama was in charge of MUNI he'd call it a solid B+).

A C- is not acceptable.

So why are all the cuts being made in ways that affect the people who are supposed to be served? I'm not hearing of any lay offs of administrative personnel. I'm not hearing about any ways that MUNI is acting to save on expenses, other than by sticking it to the citizens of San Francisco.

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Colby said...

When I think of Muni, I think of maniac bus drivers and zero accountability for things like hitting people in crosswalks. Muni is evil.