Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mrs. Angrybell Has A Theory

So my wife has a theory on how I get my clients. She is convinced that there is a website somewhere where all my clients go and discuss who to hire as a lawyer.

And we're not talking about Avvo.

First I should explain. Many of my clients have issues. These aren't your "difficult-because-they-are-demanding-types-client" issues.

I could only wish.

Rather, a large portion of my clients have been ... well..

Crazy is the polite way of saying it (although I think Mrs. Angrybell would describe more than a few of them as "bat-sh!t loony"). Complete with certifications that they are indeed.. well... crazy.

So Mrs. Angrybell has come up with a theory, especially in light of the fact that lately there has been an uptick in calls for my services from these .... crazy... potential clients. She believes that there is a website devoted to helping... crazy... folk find lawyers. Somehow, my name must be on there with a bullet.

At least, that is what Mrs. Angrybell thinks is the reason for why none of my clients seem to be ... well.. not crazy.

My mother would be so proud.

1 comment:

The Namby Pamby said...

Actually, I take the cream of the crazy crop and send them your way.

You don't have to thank me.