Monday, May 03, 2010

Two Dance Madness on DWTS

Once again, DWTS staff love Brooke Burke in a way they never loved Samantha Harris. Did you see how short that dress was on her? And could you ever see Samantha Harris dressed like that? I didn't think so. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that her jewelry was created by the people who did Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Len. Wow. That... I'll call it green... is... well... wow.

Leading off this week is Erin and her partner Maks. Can Maks get it together or will he put his ego ahead of Erin's chances on this Quickstep? Apparently Maks wants to join Chippendales. Wow... mucking around with a costume change at the beginning. Fortunately, the song helps with that opening. Good song. She starts off in close, but then in the corner loses some of the contact at the wrong places and then doesn't get back in there again until halfway down the floor. She does not look comfortable with this dance at times, but the kicks and flicks in there were very nice. It was nice. Butit lacked a wow element to it. Angrybabybelle clapped for Erin when Len complimented her. Mrs. Angrybell liked it, agreeing that it was her best performance. I stand by my, lack of wow, and disagree with the three 9s.

Chad and Cheryl followed that up with a Viennese Waltz. It was nice to see Tony giving some coaching tips to someone who was going to listen to him. Must've felt nice for him. Chad's outfit is... almost as wow as Len's. Mrs. Angrybell calls a foul on Cheryl's outfit saying "I don't know what she has on, but its just not right." The spin was nice, but Chad lost transition at the end out of it. It seems like Chad is holding himself a little weird because of his height when in hold, which is not what he should be doing in this situation. There are some nice elements to this, but I think I don't like ti because the song was so awful. Who is this guy claiming to be Len? Where is my crotchety Englishman? The 25 was ok as a score. No claps from Angrybabybelle tho... nor her dad.

Nicole Sherzinger and Derek Hough are looking for a little redemption with Len in their waltz. I hate this song. I know its special to her, but good grief, really? You light up my life? The frame looks good. She is doing a nice rise and fall and throws in a a kick there. She is a little to her toes at points, which keeps it from being just nice rise and fall all the time. Very nice. Carrie Ann is wrong when she says that Nicole is the best dancer they've had on this show. Mrs. Angrybell points out that Mya was just as good. I would throw in Stacy Keibler. The nines were right, but they get cheapened because Erin's dance was not as good.

Pamela and that guy (Damian?) danced waltz also. This is going to be hard to follow up. Her frame is a little week and her head is a little off in position. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she looks depressed. The rise and fall is there, but she is a little too much depending on her toes for the movement sometimes. Its a heel and toe movement that does it. Watch out lift police, she couldn't keep her foot on the floor through the spin. Len agrees with me on the frame.. although his version will get him hit with sexual harassment charges. Carrie Ann missed the chance to throw down a lift police flag. The eights were dead on, given the standard set for judging tonight.

Niecy and Louis are hoping to get out of the bottom two with their quickstep. Nice to see she is positive. The outfit hides her footw rok in open nicely, but who knows, it might have been right. Once in hold, she is not always right on the hip, but staying pretty close there. I just realized what song this, and realized that singer and band is butchering it. The kicks were done, but they were not particularly sharp nor were they as precise as when Maks and Erin did it. Mrs. Angrybell sums it up with "It was ok.. it didn't knock me out."What dance was Carrie Ann watching? And has Len drunk the kool aid? 25? A 9 from Carrie Ann? That was wrong. They're trying to make it closer than it is.

Evan and Ann are out to do a "proper Argentine tango". Mrs. Angrybell thinks he looks very James Bond like this. So far everything is nice and crisp. And I like how the slows in the steps are slow. That lift.. .wow! That was a hot, steamy tango. Mrs. Angrybell. And the judges rightly rewarded it with first perfect score of the competition.

Now, with the individual dances done, its time for the team dances. Team Lady Gaga v. Team Madonna. Has someone been watching too much Glee on DWTS production staff?

Up first is Team Gaga (Nicole, Pam, and Chad with their partners). In the opening part, Chad is the weak link, seeming a little uncomfortable. Pam and Damian's routine is good but she loses herself sometimes and then gets off which ruins a nice little bit at points. Fortunately, she is game and gets back into it. Chad and Cheryl follow it up and and he seems determined to make up for any hesitancy of earlier. The problem is that CHeryl has him doing little. Lack of content as Len would say. Nicole and Derek come out and do what they do, which is dance well. But even they are not flawless. I think all the amateurs are having trouble transitions form the smooth dances to this Latin dance. Now in the group dance portion, they are much more in sync. Chad and Cheryl are too far from the rest of dancers, but other all an improvement over the beginning of the group routine. 9s? Really? It was good, maybe 8s. but 9? The judges have spoken and awarded them 27.

Last licks go to Team Madonna (Niecey, Evan and Erin with their partners). Erin almost has her Maks' impression down. The group openign was better coordinated than Team Gag's. I also like how they transitioned to the individual dances. Evan needs to work on his hip movement, its not very fluid and looks forced. But thats about the worst that can be said for their routine. Niecey and Louis followed it up with a ... boring routine for a cha cha cha. Although the split was surprise from her. And then they had some problems with the turns. Erin and Maks were the clean up crew. Sort of an eh routine. It fel more like he was trying get Erin to pose. Now back into the final group portion of the dance, they wanted to go for just a big together thing. It was much more in sync than Team Gaga but not as much content. And I can tell you who choreographed the end: Maks. But where were the cones for the bras? The 8s were fine. The dances were not as good as Team Gaga.

Who should go? I'm sorry Niecy but its time to go home. Final three prediction? Unchanged with Nicole, Evan, and Pam. I know American will probably screw that up and send home Pam, but really, Niecy and Erin are the weak links left here.


Colby said...

I think you're spot on with most of it, however I must disagree with you on the Pam issue. Despite the fact that she's dialed back her facial expressions, and she's smiling like a normal girl now, I really think Erin is better than her. Pam always looks so uncomfortable to me. I internet wager you on the final 3. I say Evan, Nicole and Erin.

AngryBell said...

Erin might be better than Pam. But Maks is Maks and he is Erin's worst problem.

Colby said...

Good point.

AngryBell said...

Looks like you're halfway there. I don't see Niecy making the final three, so she really only has to worry about Chad.